Online Casinos Breathing Life into Our Favourite Film Classics

Online Casinos Breathing Life into Film Classics

What do Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, Kristen Wiig’s Bridesmaids and Christopher Noran’s The Dark Knight all have in common? Here’s an unexpected answer – they’ve all been turned into games for the world of online casinos.

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Online Casinos and Films – A Marriage Made in Gambling Heaven

The online casino industry has developed sensationally in recent years, with online sites bringing all the thrills of gaming into your own home and research estimating that the online casino market will be worth more than $60 billion by 2020 – that’s less than two years away!

This amazing growth means that competition amongst casinos is rife when it comes to attracting new members. Sites offer a range of games and enticing bonuses to get you to open a player account and there’s everything from online pokies to traditional classics like roulette and craps. But, amongst the most popular games are film-based pokies.

It’s All About Familiarity

So, why exactly are online pokies games based on popular TV, film and other games so popular? While there’s bound to be a number of factors behind this one, it’s most likely that familiarity of the brands attracts players.

Online pokies successfully make use of imagery, film clips and soundtracks to evoke the atmosphere of the movies and many pokies lovers are enticed to sign up to an online casino to see how their big screen favourites are adapted for the reels.

What’s more, while existing players will no doubt recognise the style and format of the games, the look and feel provided by different elements from the films gives them something extra special to enjoy.

Tons of Exciting Options

The relationship between online pokies and big-screen hits shows how many movies are still valuable property for studios years after their original box office release. It’s safe to say that film buffs have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to movie-themed pokies.

Take Dirty Dancing as the perfect example. Fans of the film can relive the greatest love story ever in Playtech’s online pokies.

The video pokie features the lead characters from the movie, including Penny, Baby and Jonny, along with loads of authentic imagery set against a pink glittering background. If this is one of your favourite flicks, you’re sure to love the many features, too, like three randomly triggered mystery features and Whirling Wilds that get Jonny and Baby dancing across your reels. The Dirty Dancing bonus is a fun pick and win feature, but you have to have fun to progress through six stages of the bonus round to activate the enticing jackpot game, making for fun pokie playing.

If the 1980’s sensation, Top Gun, is your number one movie of all time, then you’re bound to go gaga for Playtech’s Top Gun pokie, complete with timeless soundtrack and loads of humour. This pokie brings the cult classic to your screen with exciting features and slick graphics, along with everyone from Stinger and Goose to Iceman and Jester. This one promises plenty of thrills and ways to win while reliving your favourite film!

With so many movie-themed online pokies around, it’s just a matter of picking your favourites.