8 Online Blackjack Tips for Success

Time to Take a Break from the Pokies? Play Blackjack!

There’s no question that Blackjack is a game of skill, you can pick up the basics easy enough but to become a pro, you need to study, and you need to practice. Of course, online blackjack is still a game of chance, but start off with some simple strategy and your game could really start to improve. We’ve compiled a list of 8 online blackjack tips to help you out.

8 Online Blackjack Tips

We’ve compiled a list of 8 online blackjack tips to help you out
Online Blackjack Tips

1: Learn Basic Blackjack Rules

If you already know the basics, then this tip doesn’t concern you. But if you’re a complete newbie, then take the time to look up the basic card values and rules. There’s plenty of information online and you can peruse the basic rules in matter of ten minutes. Go over them a few times and you’ll know them by rote.

2: Winning Streaks are a myth

That headline holds true for any form of gambling, online slots, online roulette, live games and any other games of chance. Nothing will eat up your bankroll like believing you can’t lose. Even if you seem to keep winning games, there has to be an endpoint. Keep your cool, stop playing when you’re ahead and only play with a set amount of money. Keep clawing your winnings back and play with a small portion of them.

3: Hard 17s-Stand

If you get a hard 17, we recommend that you hang tight. There are only 4 possible cards out of the whole deck that will benefit you. Those aren’t great odds.

4: Soft 17s-Hit

Any hand that includes an ace, is a soft hand and gives you some room to manoeuvre. If you’ve got a soft 17, we recommend hitting. That ace can be used as a lower value if you go over 21.

5: Watch the Dealer’s Hand

Generally, if the dealer has 7 or more, shouldn’t stand if you have 12 to 16. The chances are the dealer will outmanoeuvre you when they hit. Usually standing on anything under 17 is a good play, but only if your croupier has high-value cards that could easily go bust.

6: Never Go All In

There’s something thrilling about going all in. It looks great in the movies, but in reality, it’s a massive risk. We’ve mentioned before that a more methodical approach, especially if you’re up, is to only play with a portion of your winnings while banking the rest.

7: When You Should Split

You usually shouldn’t split on either 5s or 10s. If you want a better chance of winning, split higher value cards like 8s or aces. Once they split you have a likelihood of improving the hand you’ve been dealt.

8: Knowing When to Stop

This is a no-brainer and once again, it applies to all online casino games. Knowing when to quit could save you a lot of grief. There are only two reasons you might find it hard to stop-you could feel invincible or you could feel frustrated. If you notice you’re playing to either of these emotions, our advice is to take a break and clear your head. This will recharge your critical faculties and give you some perspective.