Online Pokies Whether you prefer playing Blackjack or pokies, it all comes down to what your personal game preference is. I personally find that slots beats Blackjack hands down, every time! I’ve put together a list of 9 reasons why Mobile Pokies Games always rule.

1. No Strategy Needed

While playing Blackjack, you need to stay focused on your next move, and decide whether you will hit or stand, or surrender or split or maybe double down. Strategy card is also used often.

Playing pokies or slots is all about switching off and relaxing. You can choose your favourite slot game, insert the coin and start playing. There is no need to calculate, plan or anticipate anything.

2. Bigger Jackpots

The winnings you get from Blackjack are considerably smaller than the ones you can get your hands on if you get lucky with a slot machine.

If you choose to double down or split, and you win both hands, you will win two times your original bet, but you also have to double your bet.

In slots, however, you can win a lot during a single round. You could place a minimum bet and win a few thousand dollars. And if you choose to play progressive slots, and you are willing to place the max bet, you can bring home six-figured numbers.

3. More Free Chairs

Blackjack tables in casinos tend to be full. It can be frustrating having to wait for your turn, when you really have your gambling mode on.

The best casinos have hundreds of slot machines, and some of them are for sure free for you to go and try your luck.

4. Fewer People

Blackjack tables tend to be fully-packed. You will not have much space around you, let alone privacy. Slot machines provide you with your own spot, and you can often also find special isolated corners where you can play slot machines without disturbance.

5. No Illusions of Beating the House

Blackjack players often tend to think they have a chance of beating the house. If you are a master at counting the cards and a very experienced player, you can play with a low house edge. But beating the house is not realistic.

Pokies  don’t give you the illusion of beating the machine. You can find information on the payback percentage of each game, and the longer you play, the closer your results come to the expected ones.

6. Variety

Blackjack tends to pretty much the same, regardless of where you play it. There is really no variety to be found. There are literally tons of different slot games, and you can find any theme you can think of.

7. Simple Rules

Blackjack rules are not complex, but they may differ a little based on where you are playing. Slot games operate in the very same way in every casino, in every part of the world.

8. You Can Choose Your Pace

While playing Blackjack, you need to keep up with the rest of the table. The pace of the game basically depends on the dealer and the other players.

With slot games you choose your own pace, and you can play as slow, as fast as you want.

9. Lower Minimum Bets

In Blackjack the minimum bet for a hand is often 5 dollars, or even more. With online pokies games you can invest as little as 10 pennies and play a round.