Android v iOS for Online Casinos; Which Do You Choose?

Android v iOSAndroid v iOS, the age-old question. New Zealand casino players have embraced the world of online and mobile casinos with open arms. Since the introduction of online casinos in the mid ‘90’s, land casinos have felt the knock-on effect. Kiwi casino enthusiasts no longer feel burdened by long journies to get to a casino. They can now engage in their favourite past-time, online pokies, from the comfort of their own home. Online casino revenue in New Zealand has increased massively in the past few years.

Swing ahead another 10 years or so, and mobile casinos burst onto the casino scene with gusto. At one point, the main concern for casino users was their software provider. Did they choose Microgaming or NetEnt? Now they have the more arduous task of deciding whether to purchase an iPhone, operating iOS or a mobile device that uses Android.

Android v iOS

Typically, people have preferences. Some are fans of the iPhone and all it has to offer, while others choose HTC, Samsung, Galaxy or other devices that run Android.

The main contrast between the two is the ability to play real money gambling apps. Summer 2017 saw Google Playstore take a major U-Turn, where they permitted real money gambling for consumers in Ireland, UK, and France.

Real Money Gambling

This means that Kiwi casino players cannot access real money gambling apps for their Android through the Google Play Store. In some cases, a redeeming feature is that the player can access the site through their internet browser or they can download a casino app from their chosen online casino. Generally, casino users believe the browser to be less efficient in comparison to an app. However, with the recent updates and HTML5, utilising the internet browser to play at online casinos is completely sufficient. Needless to say, online casino users in New Zealand are hoping Google Playstore will soon apply the same rules to them.

Table Games and Pokies at the Online Casino

Android players located in New Zealand can, however, engage in real money gambling. They have access to a myriad of table games like Roulette and Blackjack as well as the fan favourite, pokies if they download apps directly from the online casinos. Android offers a massive selection of pokies, and includes everything from progressive to video and themed pokies.

Although it’s considered a downfall that Android doesn’t offer Kiwi players real money casino games through the play store, you can still play some amazing casino games. If you’re unsure whether or not you want to part with your hard-earned cash, to begin with, the free casino games are perfect. There’s still a huge selection of choice when it comes to table games and pokies. The bonus? You’re developing strategies before you hit real money gaming.

Grey Area of Gambling

New Zealand gambling legislation is considered to fall into a grey area. Although land casinos are permitted, online casinos cannot run or be operated by New Zealand based companies. If a New Zealand resident wishes to participate in online casino use, they must source their games outside of New Zealand. This means using sites from the UK like Video Slots or Casino of Dreams. It is perfectly legal for Kiwi’s to engage in online casinos once they are outside of New Zealand remit. This also means that any winnings are tax-free, so, you receive 100% of what you’ve won.


If you’re a massive real money online casino fan, iOS could be more suited. With that in mind, your device boils down to preference. Although choosing a device and software is considered to be a major decision, there are several other elements that should be thought of before registering with an online casino. Determining whether or not your casino has a reliable customer support team, its payment methods and licensing are all of paramount importance.