5 reasons money-making online Pokies are the best

Money-making online pokies

Just 5 Reasons we Believe the Pokies are the Best

Money-making online pokies
Money-making online pokies

It’s the stuff dreams are made of, sitting at home and making money while playing online pokies. Not just because it’s easy, but because it’s plain fun.

Online pokies are a great opportunity to both enjoy some quality gaming time and win some cash too—they’re fast becoming more profitable than traditional pokies. They’ve steadily increased in popularity recently which is no surprise considering the myriad of ways they offer you to win.

Let’s take a look at the five reasons money-making online pokies are so profitable

Easy Gaming: Money-making online pokies are so easy to play. All you need is a decent Internet connection. You’ve simply got to log in to your online casino account, and there are a plethora of amazing games at your fingertips. You can either play on a desktop platform, or you can even download a casino app to your phone or iPad. Live dealer casino games are also rising in popularity with players; these games let you play a game in real time and stream the action live to your device. You can interact with the dealer and other players and place bets from your computer console.

Better Offers: Aside from being extremely easy to play, online pokies have much better terms as they’re much cheaper to produce than something like Live Dealer casino games which are much more resource intensive. There’s no need to rent space, decorate or entertain. So, they’re also much more lucrative than playing casino games at a land-based casino. This is why online pokies can be so generous with their offers. It’s easy for them to offer amazing bonuses that really reel you in.

Freedom: When you’re at home in your own space, you have the freedom to relax, and you can really enjoy your favourite online pokies game. You don’t have to dress up; there are no restrictions or people to annoy you. An online pokies game simply requires you to become fully immersed in the game. Relax in your comfy clothes, eat whatever you want and start playing.

Cheap: Taking a trip to visit a casino can get extremely expensive. Flights, hotels, gameplay drinks and lots of other expenses, just add up. Playing online pokies eliminates all the added expenses. Online pokies are cheap compared to a Vegas holiday, and you have much more chances to win really big.

Choices: The sheer amount of online pokies games is astounding. There just isn’t the same amount of choice in a land-based casino due to limited space. Playing pokies online eliminates the need to casino hop. The myriad of online games ensures you’ll always find something unique. There’s so much choice in theme, style, storyline and betting ranges; you’ll always find something for you. There are also plenty of excellent websites like ours who review online pokies so you can work out the best game for you.

Upcoming Trends to Look out for in Online Casino 2018

2018 online casino trends

What to Expect from 2018 Online Casino Trends

2018 online casino trends
2018 online casino trends

We’ve made it through to Spring 2018, and we want to take a look at some of the 2018 predicted trends and see how they’re shaping up at this point in the year.

2017 was a great year for the online casino industry with lots of interesting developments, but 2018 is set to be even better in this fast-paced and dynamic industry.

Bitcoin Casino

We were told continually in 2017 that Bitcoin casinos would take over the industry and this has proved to be both true and not true. There are more and more casinos offering cryptocurrency payment methods, but they’ll usually also offer much more traditional modes of payment as well. Additionally, the term Bitcoin casino doesn’t refer to Bitcoin; it covers a couple of other cryptocurrencies which are prevalent in the online casino industry. Take Bob Casino for example; they offer both traditional payment methods as well as Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Litecoin. We predict that we’ll see a lot more casinos like this who’ll accommodate a wide variety of payment infrastructures.

Virtual Reality Casino

Virtual Reality Casino was one trend that was predicted to be a big game changer, but this hasn’t fully materialised yet. However, at the ICE London conference, NetEnt unveiled their first virtual reality slot game, the VR version of the ever-popular Gonzo’s Quest.


Gamification was a big trend in the past few years; you’ll see plenty of online casinos like Casumo who offer more ways to play. Apart from the games that they offer, Casumo makes a game out of your progress as a player; they make navigating through their games library a game in itself.

Live Dealer Casino

We already know that Live Casino has made a huge leap in the past few years and we expect it to continue to shine in 2018 and beyond. A similar trend that we predict will grow around this, is TV casinos. A couple of different providers have broadcast channels. Users can both play and watch live casino games in their sitting room, directly from their smart TV. This trend is constantly increasing its popularity, and there are thousands of people who love this format.

2018 online casino trends - Live Dealer casino
Live Dealer Casino

Social Gaming on the Rise

There are plenty of games that now resemble Facebook games like Candy Crush etcetera.
Not only in the game arena, online casinos will probably make a move toward adding more social interaction, communication between players etcetera because of the clear success of these elements in Live Casino.

Bigger Jackpots

There were plenty of massive progressive jackpots picked up in 2017, cryptocurrency jackpots and jackpots on mobile. This is most likely going to generate renewed interest in playing progressive jackpots. Renewed participation in progressive jackpots will see an increase in the scale of jackpots and the hit frequency. Progressive jackpot winners in 2018 are, thus, likely to have even more cause for celebration than their predecessors.

The Reason Why New Zealanders Call Slot Games Pokies

New Zealand residents are big fans of the 'online pokies''

Pokies in New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand residents are big fans of the 'online pokies''
New Zealand residents are big fans of the ‘online pokies’

As a Kiwi, you’ll probably know that on this side of the world in Australia and New Zealand, we call the online version of slot machine games, online pokies. In fact, we call the traditional slot machines found in brick and mortar casinos, pokie machines.

Let’s take a look at why the rest of the world calls them slots, slot machines, online slots and slot games and why we substitute that word with pokie or the pokies.

What Pokies Doesn’t Mean

Urban Dictionary isn’t going to help you with this slang term. You might think you have an idea of what it means and where it comes from, but it’s most likely that you’re wrong. A lot of people take the term pokies to have something to do with the word jail. After all, Australia was a convict nation. But this isn’t the case. Other people might think it’s a chest area body part, poking out of a shirt. In any case, the word ‘pokie’ doesn’t have any rude or unsavoury origins.

What Does Pokie Mean?

So, in Australia and New Zealand, the term pokie is a shortening of the phrase poker machine. And with our love of nicknames in the Antipodes, you get pokies. Much like other gaming machines, the pokies in Australia have video, and you can find them in most pubs and clubs.

But before the advent of video poker machines, it’s strange that the original fruit slot machines gained this name, but it might have something to do with the symbols needing to match up in a somewhat similar way to poker perhaps. The term has stuck around, and now it’s used indiscriminately for all slot games in Australia and New Zealand.

Pokie Vs. Slot

There’s absolutely no difference between slots from everywhere else in the world and pokies in Australia and New Zealand. However, if you were to turn up in an Atlantic City or Las Vegas Casino and started looking for pokies, you might get quite a mixed reaction.

On the other hand, if some foreign bloke from anywhere else in the world starts asking where they can find a slot machine, an Ozzie or a Kiwi would probably be able to point them in the right direction.

Slot Slang from All Around the World

Let’s face it; the word pokie sounds a lot more fun than the word slot. But it’s not the only place in the world that has a funny name for slot machines. In some parts of the world, namely the U.S., slot machines are known as ‘one-armed bandits’ which is a strange one. If you travel to England, they’re more commonly known as fruit machines, but if you go much further North on the island, Scotland calls them ‘puggys’. These brightly coloured machines bring hours of entertainment, and we don’t care what they’re called as long as they keep bringing us joy.

The Best Casino Gaming Apps You Can Socialise With

Casino Gaming Apps to Play with Friends
Casino Gaming Apps to Play with Friends
Casino Gaming Apps to Play with Friends


Online casino games are a fun way to socialise with other players around the world. If you use your mobile device, it’s easy enough to search for “social casino games” or “casino gaming apps.” You then download the app and open it. You might be asked to agree to the casino’s terms and conditions or create a new player account if you don’t already have one. You can then make deposits and play everything from pokies to video poker, table games like Blackjack and a range of other fun games. Don’t forget to collect your bonuses along the way.
Now, let’s take a look at some of the best apps you can also use to socialise with other players.

1. Zynga

This is one of the most well-known Facebook games, especially for it’s hit, Farmville. Soon after releasing Farmville, Zynga released several casino games, including a few pokies and poker games. You can play the games on your desktop computer or mobile device and the games can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

2. Slotomania

This is an online slot machine that was released eight years ago, and quickly became a favourite with online gamers. New players are awarded a 200-coin bonus and can then choose between eight different fun themed pokies games. But, you can only play the first game at launch. Gameplay, overall, is based on traditional slot machines. So, you insert coins to spin the reels and payouts are awarded depending on the randomly generated symbols.

3. DoubleDown Casino

This is a game that already has a couple million active players and is another big contender for players who like to socialise online. It’s a good opportunity to play roulette on the go from your mobile device, but there is also a large menu of options that include bingo, blackjack, video poker and poker.

4. Slots TM

This is probably one of the most popular online casino apps that can be played for free. The game guarantees that you will have a fantastic time playing. In fact, players report that the game’s greatest feature is that it regularly undergoes updates with the latest and greatest pokie machine games and layouts and sometimes you get to play a new pokies game every day. Players can also try their luck at several mini-games and bonus levels complete with outstanding effects and visuals.

5. Jackpot City

This real money casino app is another favourite amongst players. The software platform is designed by software giant Microgaming and it runs seamlessly on both Android and for iPhone gamers. The game offers incredible sounds and graphics with plenty of excellent casino games.
Another great way to socialise while you play at an online casino is to try the Live Dealer games where you can interact with both the dealer and other players at your favourite online casino operator.

New Microgaming Online Pokie – Playboy Gold – Goes Live

Microgaming online pokie

Microgaming online pokieNew Microgaming Online Pokie – Playboy Gold – Goes Live

Isle of Man based software giant, Microgaming, has announced the launch of its latest themed pokie, Playboy Gold. Originally unveiled at the ICE Totally Gaming event held in London last month, the most recent Microgaming online pokie is based on the infamous American men’s entertainment and lifestyle brand. This pokie follows on the heels of the original Playboy pokie as well as the Playboy Live Dealer game released some five years ago.

About the Latest Microgaming Online Pokie

Playboy Gold has been developed by independent Triple Edge Solutions, one of a couple of new games studios that are exclusively creating content for Microgaming and the Quickfire platform.

Triple Edge Studios lead designer, Brendan Walton, has said that following the studio’s fruitful launch at ICE in February, the studio is proud to unveil its first official game title under the Triple Edge Studios brand, Playboy Gold. This new pokie is the result of months of tireless work and the independent studio is said to be honoured to have had the chance to develop such a visually exceptional and feature-rich online pokie that truly captures the iconic Playboy brand.

The studio team are reportedly thrilled to be working in conjunction with Microgaming and are said to have some exciting additions in store for this year, aiming to deliver the best possible online casino game experience to players.

As for the pokie, Playboy Gold brings your 6-reels and 100 paylines complete with Playmate hostesses Audrey Allen and Raquel Pomplun as well as features like a Match Bonus game, Jumbo Blocks and Wheel Bonus.

Within the main game, if you land a full Jumbo Block with Playmates awards, you get instant cash prizes, respins or multipliers. As the respins roll, the triggering Jumbo Block expands and fills the centre reels, giving you even greater chances to win golden rewards.

As for the Wheel Bonus feature, hostess Raquel tags along with you as you spin for instant wins, to trigger the Match Bonus or you’re rewarded with a golden key for free spins. You’re able to unlock up to 10 free spins during this part of the game where a Jumbo Block can land on pretty much every spin.

In the Match Bonus round, you can build up rewards and then work your way towards a 10x multiplier by looking for the matching Playmates that are hidden behind the golden deck of cards within the game.

Tons of Opportunities to Win

Microgaming’s latest pokie is filled to the brim with exciting new features and promises plenty of enticing opportunities to win. Couple that with exceptional visuals and you can look forward to some seriously rich gameplay. Playboy Gold is a great addition to Microgaming’s impressive portfolio and has been fully optimised for mobile to deliver excellent gameplay across devices.

If this sounds like just the pokie you could spend hours playing, remember that you can usually play for free before you decide to make a deposit and play for real money at a Microgaming-powered online casino operator.