iOS Mobile Casinos

iOS Mobile Casinos

iOS Mobile CasinosOnline casinos have been steadily growing in popularity, in fact so much as to snatch a lot of traffic from traditional brick and mortar casinos. Not only are the players’ favorite casino games available online, but they are also available on the go when players are using their mobile devices. Apple has the leading software in mobile applications, the iOS.

Unlike Google Store, that has permitted gambling-related apps only in the UK, Irish and French markets, Apple’s App Store contains several mobile casino applications that are available for all players using iPhones or iPads.

Of course, a player looking for mobile play can always enter the online casino’s website and download the casino’s own app that way. This is what many Android users are currently doing.

However, iOS mobile casinos have numerous benefits when it comes to online gaming, and we will take a closer look at it below.

iOS and Apple Products

Apple is a name that’s known worldwide and its products are loved and used by hundreds of millions of people.

Apple was founded in 1976 and has always been ahead of its time. The company has evolved from a personal computer developer and retailer into one of the best-known brands in the world. Being the leading mobile device retailer globally, the company has also developed its own software, iOS. This software is only available for Apple devices.

iOS runs very smoothly and uses multi-touch interface, which makes it so convenient for users. The updates, when available, are usually installed automatically on the Apple devices.

iOS Gambling Restrictions

 Although Apple products and services are widely available around the globe, there are some restrictions one needs to bear in mind when choosing to gamble online using iOS. Online gambling is completely illegal in countries such as China, the United States, and Turkey, and in order to comply with these laws, App Store doesn’t offer its real-money apps in these countries.

Some players ditch these laws by simply accessing the casino’s website and downloading the casino’s own mobile app, and depositing and wagering that way.

Future for iOS in Mobile Gaming

Today Apple is the leading provider of mobile software, and also the most popular choice for players wishing to play casino games online.

However, Google is expected to allow real-money gambling apps in more markets in the coming years, and this will definitely decrease the gap between these two mobile software providers. Time will show if Android will catch up with iOS one day.

Playtech launch new Justice League Online Pokie Game

Online Pokie Game

Online Pokie GameOnline casino super giants Playtech has launched a brand-new Justice League-themed Pokie game. With the DC movie hitting the big screen earlier this month, Playtech saw a gap in the market for a small screen thrill-ride based on the Superhero adventure.

All your favourite DC superheroes feature in this comic book themed game including; Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg, and Superman.

Justice League Themed Pokie

Playtech is catering to audiences across the board with this exciting Pokie game. Justice Leagues bankroll is exceptionally broad and is playable with as little as 40p up to wagers of £500. You can access the fantasy game through a number of devices which includes mobile. Players can enjoy Justice League, a five-reel, 40 pay line Pokie as its traditional video Pokie and at the progressive jackpot network. These features combined make Justice League a very exciting game that will appeal to a whole host of superhero fans.

Built in Respins

The casino reels feature our favourite DC superheroes, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg as well as Batman and Aquaman. Playtech know their fans love re-spins. The built-in ‘Super Hero Respin’ randomly awards the player with characters that represent Wild symbols. This feature can be triggered a maximum of five times.

The six featured superheroes offer a unique number of free spins. This falls into Playtech’s ‘six free spins’ mode. When you land on the feature frame, the symbols will translate to Wilds.

Superhero Free Spins

With each superhero representing a number of free spins, not all are as lucrative as the next. The Aquaman free game presents the player with 10 free spins, with a possibility of 20 if more scatter symbols are landed on.
Fan favourite, the Flash,  offers the gamer 15 free spins; Wonder Woman features seven free spins while Cyborg delivers 12 free spins. The game isn’t without risk and the Batman free games option is highly volatile, offering the player two free spins.

Game Aesthetics

This hot new material will make you feel like you’ve stepped foot inside the DC comic book world. Staying true to Playtech’s ethos, the graphics are realistic and exceptionally prominent against the black backdrop. To add an even greater sense of atmosphere, the Warner Bros. movie soundtrack is permeating the game.

Engaging in Playtech’s Justice League ads for further incentive, as it permits access to the DC Super Heroes Jackpot Network that’s held in high regard among avid online casino fans.

Online Casino Deposits and Withdrawals for a Top-Class Experience

Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Casino Deposits and WithdrawalsNew Zealand has a long-established casino culture. This trend has now moved towards online casinos in recent years. This evident departure from land casinos correlates with the introduction of Live Casino games and mobile casinos.

When deciding on an online casino to register with, many Kiwi players will first and foremost look at the game selection. This is to determine whether or not there’s a substantial number of pokies on offer.

In our research, we’ve found a close second on Kiwi’s priority list is the payment options. The ever-innovative online casino industry is constantly updating its site to enhance the user experience. Offering their customers adequate payment methods is usually top of the list.

Payment Methods

New Zealand residents are known for their tech-savvy approach and have embraced the introduction of e-Wallets. Both the casino and the consumer have welcomed e-Wallets with open arms. The use of e-Wallets allows for a snappy and smooth transaction.
The majority of e-Wallets are instant, which means the gamer can play almost immediately.

Major e-Wallets utilised by the casino industry are;
• Skrill
• Neteller
• PayPal

It is clear to see why so many industries and consumers are embracing e-Wallets. The most enticing aspect of the online transfer is its speed. This fast-paced nature is suited to the player and casino, as it means the depositing and real money gaming can start immediately. It is no mystery as to why the industry leaders are recommending e-Wallets, as they are highly secure and exceptionally fast. When you choose a mobile or online casino, if you see names such as the above, this will instil confidence in you that your deposits and withdrawals are safe and secure.

Credit Cards

As often as e-Wallets are used, so is the trusty credit card. New Zealand casino players are so accustomed to using their credit cards during their daily lives, that they naturally use them for their gaming process.
Using a credit card is second nature to the Kiwi players, so many choose this payment option. All that is required of the player is to insert the relevant card details requested by the site. Typically, this will consist of the card number, expiry date and the CVV code at the back of the card.
The only downfall associated with credit card use is that you’re restricted by your card limit. So, if you have a $1,000 limit on your card, your game play will stall once you’ve reached your peak amount.

Traditional Transfers

A more traditional approach to making a cash deposit at your chosen casino is cash transfers. These include eChecks or bank wires. Generally, inexperienced online casino players or those unsure of offering their details to an online server will utilise cash transfers. Making use of a cash transfer is typically a more longwinded process and normally the player will have to visit a bank where the transaction will take place. There can be a small fee for the service and is known to take longer than an online transaction.

Reputable Online Casinos

It is recommended you choose a site that offers you a number of payment options. Teamed with payment, when choosing a casino site to engage in game play, always search for a site with a substantial game selection. The sign of a reputable casino is several payment methods, game selection, renowned software providers and customer support.

When you choose a particular payment method, priority number one is which is most suited to you, followed by what your online casino accepts.

Safety and Security

How you will deposit and withdraw is core to your online casino experience. With that in mind, there are several other features that need to be considered. Most importantly, before you deposit using your chosen method, check how safe a casino site is. Your first port of call is the URL. If the site indicates a HTTPS prefix, teamed with a padlock symbol, the site is secure. Combined with this, it’s recommended you check whether the site is certified by testing agency eCOGRA or is licensed by the Gambling Commission.

Top 5 Casino Playing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Gambling Mistakes

Gambling MistakesThe iGaming world is dynamic and exciting: sometimes so much, as to cause the players to make hasty moves, or act irresponsibly with their bankroll. We have listed here the top 5 gambling mistakes, and how you can avoid them.

1.    Not Practicing a Game Before Playing with Cash

As online casinos offer the ‘free play’ function, we recommend that all players practice these games before depositing any money. Sometimes eager players deposit and enter the game, only to realize that they do not know how the game works, and they are not aware of the minimum bets, bonus functions, or the different symbols. Practicing the game in advance allows the player to get familiar with the game in a risk-free environment.

2.    Starting With Large Deposits and Wagers

A player might have read about the recent jackpot won in a specific game, and is eager to deposit a lot in order to place maximum bets until they win as well. It is still always better to start with smaller deposits, and smaller bets, to minimize the risks. If the player is still within their budget and they feel comfortable playing the game, they can slowly start increasing the stakes.

3.    Trying to Win the Lost Money Back

Let’s face it: sometimes we have a horrible luck when playing at an online casino. We might have a previous deposit still sitting in our player account, and we make another deposit on top of it, to play longer and more rounds. We might be winning at some point; our winning amount can go even to thousands of euros. Then the losing streak starts, and before we know, our player account is back to zero. Many players are tempted to deposit more and keep playing until they win all their losses back. This is not realistic at all. Most likely the player will just lose more.

It is wise to know when to stop playing. As casino, especially pokie games, are based purely on luck, losses are inevitable. However, losses can and should be minimized.

4.    Opening an Account Using Fake Details

Players are only allowed to have one account per online casino. Some people might be tempted to create multiple accounts, to improve their chances of winning. This is forbidden in the casino rules and could lead to consequences for the player. If the player wishes to withdraw their winnings, and the casino notices that the same person has indeed more than one account, it is possible that the casino will not accept the withdrawal, and the player will thus lose their winnings. He might even be banned from playing at the casino, due breaching the rules.

The same goes for players who create player accounts using fake names, inaccurate birth years and other information that is not correct. When it is time to make the first withdrawal, the casino will check the players’ identity and payment method details, in order to comply with the anti-money laundering laws and the requirements of the body that has granted the casino its licence. As the legal age of gambling at international online casinos is 18, a minor is not allowed to open an account or withdraw their winnings. The same goes for the fake name: is the player is asked to provide a proof of identity and the name of the document doesn’t match with the name on the player account, it is possible that the withdrawal request will be rejected.

5.    Using Foul Language Towards the Casino or Other Players

Online casinos are supposed to be safe and trustworthy places for everybody, and hence the casino’s list in their terms and conditions the expectation of respectful attitude from all the players. As the world of online casinos include a lot of excitement, frustration, confusion and anger and happiness, depending on how the game rounds are going, casino’s employees will witness a variety of emotions from the players.

However, an angry and frustrated player is in no circumstances allowed to start calling the customer service personnel, the dealer, or other players by names, or to use swear – or otherwise aggressive words. This can result in an immediate ban from the casino, including not being able to withdraw any winnings.

If you notice that playing online games makes you angry, it is best to take a break and do something else. When you feel calm again, you can return to play some more rounds.

Spending Your Online Casino Progressive Jackpot Money

New Zealand Online Casino Progressive Jackpots
New Zealand Online Casino Progressive Jackpots
New Zealand Online Casino Progressive Jackpots

It’s certainly a topic that’s been around for ages. Even if we haven’t sat with a group of friends and discussed it in detail, we’ve thought about it. The big question, how one might spend an online casino progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot games regularly churn out instant millionaires, either by means of pokies machine or table game, the possibility of hitting a life-changing win is ever-present.
The wonderful question of how to spend that incredible amount is one that is fun to answer, and inspires some interesting ideas. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular notions that people may have where they win big at the online or mobile pokies.

Leave Your Job

While there are those of us who like to think we would keep on working, despite hitting a big win at the online casino pokies…. really? The majority of people cite leaving their job as the first call of action upon winning the jackpot. This decision varies from person to person, and often depends on the amount of said win. Some like the idea of still serving a purpose in terms of employment, and see their workplaces as valuable sources of livelihood and a sense of community.

Others, however, like to fantasise about “giving the boss a piece of their mind” or simply calling in to say they’ll never come back. Pragmatism aside, there is certainly something to be said about a little fantasising about breaking the corporate chains and being free to do what one wants. Having the freedom to say what we want is certainly something that lights up people’s eyes.

Employment is linked to livelihood, and having the power to cut those ties and walk away is quite a fun daydream. Taking home a progressive jackpot at an online casino could make all your dreams come true.

Take a Holiday

Leaving one’s job is all good and well, but what happens thereafter? No one talks about hitting the jackpot and sitting at home to swim around in the cash. Rather, having the means to travel around the world in a hot air balloon or a private jet. International travel is pricey for the average person. There are many who make a way around this by way of working at the same time. Let’s face it, even if it is a “small world, after all”, it’s still a pretty big place with so much to see and explore. Those who are fortunate enough to get some extra stamps in their passports without a table game or jackpot win, still rue the cramped conditions of economy class. Add a jackpot to the mix and let the fantasies of first class travel unfold. Sipping on the finest champagne in the world all within what you’d now consider a “lunch money budget”… who wouldn’t be game?

Count Your Blessings

No one believes jackpot winners should cash in their wins and spend their time counting each coin. The bottom line, however, is that most of us won’t really see a jackpot win in our lifetime. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. We humans are complex creatures, and it’s perfectly natural to want what we don’t have. It is vital, though, to remember and be thankful for all of the things we do have.
They say the grass is only greener where you water it. It’s daydreaming about riches and jackpots, it helps to remember the things we already have. Simple things like a healthy body or group of mates with whom we can sit and daydream. Maybe it’s playing poker, or finding the best VIP programme on the market.

So, if you’re looking to win big, move away from the free money casino games at get take a step inside the world of progressive jackpots.