The Benefits of Playing Pokies at a Mobile Casino

Mobile Casinos- New Zealanders favourite way to play

Mobile Casinos- New Zealanders favourite way to playMobile casinos are hot on the heels of online casinos. Kiwi players, in particular, have taken a shine to the convenience and accessibility that can be found on mobile casinos.

It’s no secret that online pokies are synonymous with New Zealand. It’s a firm favourite for online casino and mobile casino users across the country.

Most players are accustomed to playing the pokies at an online casino or at a brick and mortar casino. But with the introduction of mobile casinos, there has been an evident departure from the more traditional routes of play.

The proverb goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Fortunately, mobile casinos are so simple and straightforward that this isn’t the case.

Rest assured, it’s a leap of faith you won’t regret. Below we have listed a number of reasons why you should consider the move towards mobile casinos.

Mobile Casino

Mobility is an umbrella term we’re going to use here for convenience and accessibility. Players now have the luxury of using their mobile device to enjoy their favourite online casino games. With hectic schedules interfering with people’s personal lives, sometimes it can be difficult to find time to enjoy your hobbies. Now that you have access to your favourite past-time at your finger-tips, you no longer have to worry whether or not you’ll get some you time today. Our main recommendation when it comes to using mobile casinos is know your internet connection and preferably your daily route. A weak connection means you could be disconnected mid-game which leads to a loss of winnings accrued.

Game Collection

Lots of online casino users are sceptical when it comes to mobile casinos, as they are not confident in the game selection made available to them. Yes, it is true the majority of the time that there is not the same volume of games at a mobile as there is at their online casino counterpart, but they are not far behind. They still provide a great variety of games and will often cater for pokies and live casino games.

At mobile casinos, they generally supply the user with table games in abundance, so if you are searching for a pokies party, look specifically for a mobile casino that boasts a massive pokies collection.

No Limits

Using a mobile casino means that you are never restricted to the number of games that you can play. This means that you will never be searching for a seat at an online casino or losing your seat to another player. The added bonus in playing mobile pokies is that the number of games you are playing is never capped. This is particularly useful for those who have no interest in free online games and instead want to play for real cash prizes. These rules apply for online casino users across the board, whether they want to play Roulette, Blackjack or slots. You can enjoy your experience at a mobile casino without any limitations affecting your gameplay.


User experience is paramount to the online casino industry providers. In return, they have made sure that the mobile casino user experience is just as flawless. The benefits of playing at a mobile casino mean you can play any game you wish using any device. This includes software like iOS or Android as well as the device itself, which includes but is not limited to tablets, iPads and mobile phones. The mobile casino designers have made the transition from online casino to mobile casino smooth. Having worked tirelessly to ensure the features and graphics are absent of any imperfections, using mobile casinos for your mobile pokies experience is just as good as an online casino experience.

Payment Options

Accessibility is the strongest selling point for the mobile casino providers. With that in mind, they have adopted a number of traits and features from online casinos. That includes payment methods. Mobile casinos provide simple payment transactions in the form of major credit and debit cards, bank wires and sometimes internet transactions such as Pay Pal, Skrill and Neteller. If you see names like Visa and MasterCard appear in the app’s payment section, you know this is a reputable site who has teamed up with the top dogs.


The mobile casino industry is constantly developing. Each day, new mobile casino apps and sites appear. Because of this, they are regularly updating and upgrading their features to climb their way to the top of the rankings. Mobile casinos are aware they are competing with the online casinos so they are often employing new software providers like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and NetEnt to make an appearance on their site.

If you’re searching for easy access to your favourite past-time, then you can be sure that mobile casinos are the way forward.

New or Reputable Online Casinos: Who Wins?

Choosing a new or reputable casino
Choosing a new or reputable casino
Choosing a new or reputable casino

New or Reputable Online Casinos: Who Wins?

Ever since the first online casino was launched in 1994, the industry has boomed. More than 20 years later, it’s not that easy to find just one online casino where you’d like to play. Casinos that have been around for decades are trustworthy, but they seem to stick to the same recipe. New online casinos seem to push the boundaries when it comes to player experience. But then you also get fly-by-night casinos. The one day they pop up from out of nowhere, and once they have your money they close down. These are the ones to especially look out for. So which one do you choose. A new online casino, or a reputable one that’s been around the block a couple of times? Let’s see which ones have the best advantages for you.

Better Bonuses at New Casinos

We first take a look at one of the main reasons why players choose an online casino. Besides the very obvious variety of games of course; the bonuses. Every online casino will give players a start-up bonus as well as regular bonuses to keep them playing at the casino. New casinos usually have better bonuses, as they need to lure players in and keep them there. This is why you’ll most probably see no-deposit bonuses, free spins or high percentage match bonuses at new casinos vs established ones. This doesn’t mean that established casinos can’t afford it, in fact, you should take special note of welcome bonuses that are too good to be true. This could spell trouble, as the casino will not be able to keep this up for very long, as they still need to get their money back. It’s not always the case, though, but still something to keep an eye out for.

More Innovation at New Casinos

New online casinos tend to be a bit braver than the ones that’ve been around for a long time. Since existing casinos have already “been there and done that”, new casinos have the opportunity to take the learnings and improve on them. As far as gameplay is concerned, it does depend on the software provider of course, but when it comes to bonuses and promotions, new online casinos have more often than not proven that they can provide the same type of offers, but with a different twist and a much better player experience. This way new casinos can push the boundaries a bit more when it comes to innovation.

Established Casinos and Trust

So if all the new online casinos offer a better product, more games and huge promotions, what’s the big deal about casinos that have been around for a long time? To start with, if a casino has been online for more than 10 years, you can rest assured that the casino is trusted, well-established, and reputable. These casinos are usually fully licensed and have a stamp of approval from a regulated body like eCOGRA. This means that all the games are fair, depositing is safe and it provides a great overall experience. Established casinos don’t need to go above and beyond to prove to players that they are the best – the fact that players stick around after so many years is proof enough; these casinos know what they’re doing and they do it well.

So who wins: New or established casinos? It’s really up to you, but we do recommend that you first read up on any online casino before joining. If there are more reasonable complaints than anything else, then best you stay away and find yourself another one. Whichever one you choose, online casinos are great fun and can provide you with endless entertainment.

Dive into the Depths of Fantasy with Forbidden Throne Pokies Game

Microgaming's Forbidden Throne
Microgaming's Forbidden Throne
Microgaming’s Forbidden Throne

Bow down to royalty, with Microgaming’s new Forbidden Throne Online pokies game and claim the Kingdom’s riches. You’ll be treated just like the royalty you’re playing in this game, with Wild Reels appearing on every spin. Join the two legendary guardians, Wulthor the Elven Lord of Fire and Sorconass, the Queen of Ice, who will help you on your journey to fight for the throne.

Forbidden Throne offers the punter 5×3 reels including your not so typical 40 fixed paylines, substituting Wild symbols, Scatter symbols that will trigger Free Spins, retriggerable Free Spins, guaranteed Wild reels and some enchanting winnings that will unleash the magical elements such as gems and forbidden treasure.  

Game Features

Free Spins

There are some great bonus features in store for you at Forbidden Throne pokies. When you land 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols, you will trigger 10, 20 or 30 Free Spins respectively. What’s exciting about this feature, is that the Free Spins can be retriggered when you land 3 or more Scatter symbols during the feature. There are 1 to 5 Wild Reels shown in every spin, and the Scatter symbols, like emeralds, rubies, diamonds and elven helmets shine through Wild reels. All these features combine to give a fantasy feel for the player.

You will be awarded with a predetermined amount of Free Spins based on the number of Scatter symbols active on the reels. All of the lines played will be the same as the game that started the Free Spins.

Scatter and Wild symbols

Scatter symbols can appear in any visible position and are great because they will earn you Free Spins when you land 3 or more of them.

When you land Wild symbols, they will substitute any symbol except the Scatter symbol. 1 to 5 Wild reels will be shown in every spin during the base game and the Free Spins feature. There are guaranteed Wilds on every single spin!


There’s nothing better than a touch of fantasy to escape reality. If you’re on the lookout for a land of imagination and make-believe, Forbidden Throne is definitely for you. The flashy graphics suck you from the real world and let you experience Kings, Queens and jewels. Obviously, customers are looking for more than just a visually pleasant encounter. All this accompanied by the free spins and wilds are also pretty enticing and hard to resist.

Latest NetEnt Pokies Game Launched Called Shangri-La

Latest NetEnt Pokies Game

Latest NetEnt Pokies GameNetEnt online casino software has launched their newest pokies game, Shangri-La with the dynamic cluster pays technology.

Shangri-La Origins

Shangri-La is based on the novel Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton, which depicts a Utopian destination and is considered a Heaven on earth.  The people living in Shangri-La are almost immortal, exceeding any normal lifespan and aging very slowly and gracefully.

NetEnt is continuously producing new top quality pokies games to keep their players interested, with the designers keeping a sharp eye out for what themes they think will appeal to their audience.

Shangri-La doesn’t follow the typical NetEnt pokies style as it has introduced cluster pays rather than the classic pay lines.

The Orient Inspiration

The graphics used in Shangri-La are very fitting, with the designers having chosen an Oriental theme, you can see symbols like lotus flowers, butterflies, golden fish, and fireflies. On top of these are three guru symbols that guide the player’s progression through the adventure.

On The Search For Symbols

Cluster pays technology was introduced in their Aloha game. Cluster Play has proved popular with many players. For the player to receive payment in the Oriental adventure game, the same symbols need to be beside each other, regardless of on what reel, as well as this, there must be nine of those symbols to get paid.

In the scenario where you end up getting two non-paying clusters of the same symbol, you are given a ‘sticky re-spin’ and those clusters will stay in the same place. Where you roll more of that symbol and if you get a winning cluster on that re-spin, you’ll be paid accordingly.

Free Spins

If three or more free spin symbols appear on the reels, you will receive a free spin bonus round which can lead to anything between five and eight spins. This depends on the number of scatters, as Shangri-La Cluster Pays has five rows and six reels.

While you’re using those free spins, random wild symbols are added and removed from the reels. In the situation where you are rather unlucky and come out winning less than 10 times your wager, you may be presented with another free spin. This is courtesy of the monk who guides you through the Shangri-La game.

NetEnt operates Shangri-La, because of this you’ll be able to give this game a whirl from a wide selection of online casinos.




Will Live Dealer Casinos Make Table Games More Popular?

Mobile Casinos- New Zealanders favourite way to play
Liver dealer casinos aid popularity of table games

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times; online pokies are the most popular type of game played at any virtual casino. There are a number of reasons for this; however, one of the most prevalent is that some table game players are suspicious when it comes to mechanised play. The idea of having a ‘machine’ in charge – despite the Random Number Generator system employed by all online casinos – just doesn’t sit well. Now that Live Dealer Casinos are available to play at all major online casinos, does this mean that they’ll be able to maintain their title and popularity?

Online Pokies: The No.1 Choice

As mentioned earlier, online pokies are traditionally the most popular games around. With an enormous range of themes and hundreds of different titles to choose from, variety – it seems – is indeed the spice of life at an online casino. In the mood for a fantasy-themed pokey one day, but find yourself wanting to play a traditional 3-reel pokey the next? No problem. Online pokies cater to any mood you might find yourself in at any time of the day. Of course, there is also the opportunity for a life-changing win on progressive jackpot pokies, which can pay out several millions in one go.
Nevertheless, there will still be a large majority of online casino players who would actually prefer to play table games, but don’t quite have faith in the ‘artificial dealers’ and the fairness of the games themselves. Enter Live Dealer Casinos.

Table Games: Making a Comeback

Now that online players can stream high-definition, real-time blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and sic bo games directly to their lounge, bedroom or any place they happen to want to play, table games seem to be giving online pokies a run for their money. Because Live Dealer Casinos allow the player to witness the entire game with their own eyes, worry about fair gameplay is a thing of the past. Not only this, but players can also enjoy the social element of the game in a private environment, where a live chat option is available – both to engage in conversation with the croupier and the players alike – but ultimately up to you to decide to partake in.

Live Dealer Casinos: Here To Stay

Given how well Live Dealer Casinos have been received, both by PC and mobile players, it’s clear that they’re here to stay. The games are just as interactive, thrilling and lucrative as any round of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker or sic bo that you’d play at a land-based casino – and the dealers, regardless of gender, just as fetching and professional. The only question left to ask is: what will technology gift us with next?