Mobile Pokies Review Guide; How to Spot Safe Mobile Casinos

How to Spot Safe Mobile Casinos

How to Spot Safe Online Casinos

Online and mobile casinos provide incredible entertainment and the chance to wager on thousands of games from the comfort of home. Some casinos even accept cryptocurrency payments and others provide live casino games that feel as though you’ve transported right into the heart of a land-based casino floor.

Yet not all of them are safe online casinos. Underneath the myriad of online casinos is a crop of unscrupulous operators designed to steal from unsuspecting players. Sure, the websites look legit. They have plenty of games and bonuses, even. But, as soon as you make a deposit, your money is gone.

How to Spot Safe Mobile Casinos

So, how can you tell a safe casino from a not-safe casino online? Here are our top tips.

4 Ways to Differentiate Safe Online Casinos from Unscrupulous Platforms

1. Take a Look at the Domain Name

Fake websites often use a domain name that is very similar to a safe, legitimate casino. For instance, a scam casino could call itself in an effort to disguise itself from the legitimate casino called Just by changing a word or letter, the two domain names sound the same and look pretty much the same, yet the scam casino still tries to lure in unsuspecting players with the promise of enticing bonuses and plenty of slot and table games.

The key is to double-check a domain name before you deposit your own money. Fake sites can create impressive interfaces and you may not realise where you are until you take a closer look at the domain name.

2. Check Out the Age of the Company

Most illegitimate casinos don’t last long. The average scam site usually lasts for 12 months or less. Here’s what they do: for the first six months they put aggressive marketing tactics to work to draw you in. from bonuses to free spins, they do what they can to get players to sign up.

During the first couple of weeks, the site seems pretty normal. They process your withdrawals and send you regular communication to build up legitimacy. Then, they stop processing withdrawals and start stealing your money. Eventually, the site disappears from the world wide web.

3. Take a Look at the Platform

There are some scam casinos that invest enough to disguise their websites, but most don’t. The average unscrupulous site publishes is a hurry. Important pages like Terms and Conditions and Contact US may be there, but they will be sparsely populated.

If you click onto a casino that has very little contact information and is riddled with low-quality images and poor grammar, that’s a big red flag. Top-quality casinos are designed to impress and present you with every detail you may need to know.

4. Go Through Online Reviews

A casino with tons of negative reviews is probably not one of the safe online casinos. If 9 out of 10 reviews say the casinos doesn’t process transactions – listen and stay well away.

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing and safe online casinos out there with legit bonuses and tons of immersive, trustworthy and fair gameplay.

Online Pokies You’ll Want to Wrestle With for Excitement!

Online Pokies Wrestling

The Best Online Pokies with a Wrestling Theme!

While we all know that WWE isn’t quite a real sport, it more than makes up for it in terms of entertainment levels. In fact, it’s created some of the biggest stars the world has known in the form of characters like Andre the Giant, Brock Lesnar and Hulk Hogan. And, they even have one of the baddest women wrestlers on the planet in the form of UFC female champ, Ronda Rousey, bringing even more fans to the fun. So, if you love WWE, the good news is that there are plenty of great wrestling themed online pokies out there.

Online Pokies Wrestling

Whether you decide to open a new player account and claim a welcome bonus, try out free spins or just play for fun, here’s our pick of the best titles.

Our Top Wrestling Online Pokies to Play

1. Andre the Giant

Andre the Giant is a title from NextGen Gaming and by far one of the most popular wrestling themes around. The developers have successfully created an RGN pokies game named after nonother than one of the most infamous WWE wrestlers of all time.

If you’re a WWE fan, you are sure to love this theme. Watch as the reels are enclosed within a wrestling ring, complete with symbols representing beloved props. You’ll find reels with masked opponents, hot dogs, chairs, tickets, a referee and – importantly – championship belts.

What’s more, this pokies offers a big top prize of 5,000 coins. So, if all the symbols line up right, you could win big.

One really fun aspect of the pokies’s bonus feature is that it is rewarded when Andre the Giant himself spins in. His symbol is the one you want and is only available on two reels. It’s a wild card and once it is activated, it triggers a bonus battle round, give you the chance to win free spins with a host of other rewards. During the bonus round, Andre must battle other well-known wrestlers and each time he wins, you get bonus credits.

2. El Luchador

El Luchador is an exciting title from iGaming developers, Realtime Gaming. The online pokies translate in English to the Wrestler and in Spanish, the title has been based on Lucha Libre, a kind of freestyle wrestling that is popular in certain South American countries.

This online pokie is packed to the brim with so many features and big paying bonuses when you’re lucky enough for the Luchra Libre symbols to align.

The theme is set within a ring, complete with a big crowd, making it entertain whenever they get excited.

The game also comprises match multipliers that can payout as much as 5x the amount. There are also thrilling high wilds that may be triggered at any point during gameplay. Watch out for scatter symbols, too, that turn into wildcards and the chance to win free spins.

As a wrestling fan, we have no doubt you will have loads of fun trying out these great online pokies.

This Year’s Most Popular Online Pokies Games for 2018

Find and Play the Best Online Pokies for 2018!

There are thousands of online pokies games available, making it difficult to choose the best ones for you. There are different ways to judge whether or not a pokies game is worth trying, one of which is popularity.

Sure, looking for the best pokies to play online can be fun, but we’ve made things a little easier for you.

Here’s our look at just some of the most popular games of 2018 to date.

1. Around the World in 80 Spins

This pokies from Playtiks isn’t just about the puns, it’s also a big winner when it comes to immersive gameplay for a mobile pokies game. The game is a 3-row, 5-reel pokies with 20 paylines and is dedicated to the theme, too. The game is set in the 19th century when airplanes were not yet invented.

2. When Pigs Fly

This offering from NetEnt pushes the infamous idiom as a pokies concept somewhat to the extreme. The result? A fun-filled, pun-filled visual delight that truly stretches the thematic limits of pigs. This pokies is a 5-reel game with over 3,000 ways to win, complete with a piggy astronaut who’s ready to fly into space. If you have a sense of humour and a little penchant for puns, this is the one for you.

3. Amazing Aztecs

Our list would be incomplete without a Microgaming offering, and Amazing Aztecs has proven highly popular this year. While the Egyptian theme isn’t something new, the game is certainly a favourite for its 96.03 RTP and bets than range from 0.10 all the way to 100. It’s a beautiful pokies with Aztec theme and it’s quickly developed a loyal following of online pokies players.

4. Upgradium

The best way we can describe this title from Playtech is that it is futuristic. The 25-payline and 5-reel pokies has grown in popularity thanks to its unique use of vector graphics reminiscent of movies and old-fashioned video games like Tetris.

5. Esqueleto Mariachi

This offering from Red Tiger Gaming earns a place on our list for the Mexican-themed animations and bonuses like the Mariachi Free Spins, the Trompetist and the Gutarrista Wilds, offering you loads of ways to win.

6. Wild Wheel: Big Money

Push Gaming’s exciting game goes back to classic pokies of bygone days, complete with a 96.98% RTP. The pokies offers 5 reels and 20 paylines and a non-progressive jackpot of 3,000 coins. Bets range from 0.20 up to 100 coins. This is a game show style pokies that isn’t particularly fancy but still appeals to online pokies fans.

7. Ogre Empire

Betsoft’s Ogre Empire is a fun 5-reel, 25-payline game filled to the brim with terrorizing ogres that you must stop by hitting those winning combinations. There’s a cool Day and Night system to keep an eye out for which makes for some seriously thrilling gameplay. At night, ogres are at their strongest, leaving you truly at the mercy of the Random Number Generator.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Don’t forget about all the incredible progressive jackpots and other pokies that have paid out big time this year already!


Ever Wondered What Goes into Mobile Casinos?

mobile casinos

What Goes into Mobile Casinos?

More players are exploring mobile casinos since smartphones and tablets are just more natural to move around with. Whether you prefer to play for real money or for fun, there are plenty of online casinos available for your mobile device, and you can even enjoy live dealer games in the palm of your hands.

What technical components go into creating reputable, reliable mobile casino platforms?

Software for Mobile Casinos

If you’re a fan of live dealer games, you may need additional software for your device. In most cases, players don’t need additional plugins, but be sure to check first. Typically, though, you can play at a mobile casino by downloading an app or logging on via your device’s browser.

mobile casinos

Your Connectivity

You will need a reliable internet connection to access your preferred online casino. Once you connect, you’ll want a steady connection so that your gameplay isn’t interrupted. Be sure to look over a site’s terms and conditions for possible interruption policies so that you know what happens if you lose your connection mid-play.

The Security

Not all players understand how safety and security work at online casinos. It’s best to read online reviews and testimonials from other players to determine if a casino is secure. Reputable sites use SSL encryption to keep your banking and personal data protected.

Payment Methods

Online casinos require to make a deposit into your casino account if you want to play for real money. Check out a mobile casino’s payment methods before signing up to ensure there is a method that suits you and that your currency is accepted.

The Gameplay

When playing live dealer games, you have a short window to figure out and make your next move. Make sure you have the necessary skills to play your game of choice. Before you sit down at a virtual table, know your wagering limits and pick a game that favours your budget. If you’re not familiar with a certain game but really want to learn, play in free mode to get the hang of it and familiarise yourself with rules and strategies before wagering real cash.


Any online casino worth its weight will list its licensing information on its site. Get to know the different control bodies that govern how the operator can conduct business. Regulatory authorities usually have standard requirements that online casino operators must fulfil before they are even awarded a permit. The top priority for any casino should be its gamers and the laws it is governed by.

Customer Care

Customer care is a function you cannot overlook when choosing a mobile casino. Access to a friendly and helpful support team when you need it is important for several reasons. You can usually reach customer cares through live chat, email, and toll-free numbers whenever you need to.

If you’re keen on trying out a mobile casino, check out your preferred online casino first. It may just have an iOS or Android app, or you can login via your mobile device’s browser and do everything on your device you could do on your PC without compromising gameplay quality.

What Exactly Are Skill Based Online Pokies Games?

Transferring skills in the online pokies market

What Exactly Are Skill Based Online Pokies Games?

With the rise in popularity of online casinos, more people are realising the convenience of playing their favourite games online and that means casinos have had to keep on innovating to come up with ways to make their games ever appealing. Skill-based online pokies games open up an entirely new avenue for creativity when it comes to pokies and other casino games. In fact, it’s a logical step for Millennials who are used to gaming on their phones and tablets.

Transferring skills in the online pokies market

What Exactly Are These Online Pokies Games?

Skill-based pokies are games where the main factor in winning depends on your ability to play the game. The game’s outcome depends on skill rather than chance.
These games allow software developers, suppliers and online casino operators to create a variable payback based on a range of identifiers. Overall, they reward better players with higher paybacks.
In traditional online pokies, there is very little skill involved. You just pick your stake and spin the reels, hoping that luck is on your side.
But, with skill-based pokies, you get the chance to boost your payout. In other words, you know that you have an effect on the outcome of the game and how much you can win. The payback percentage is affected by how well you play the game.

The Higher You Bet, The Higher Your Prize

Online casinos and pokies games tend to give the highest rewards to the best customers – those who make big bets. The rewards are typically based on total wagers. So, it makes sense for casinos to give a higher payback percentage to those players placing more wagers, doesn’t it?

Here to Stay

Skill-based pokies have been around for some time, and while they’ve yet to take over the market, they are here to stay.
These games come with variable payback percentages. In traditional games, you don’t often know how much you’ll get until the end of the game. With these pokies, you already have an idea about how much you will be getting. You know what the percentage of feedback is or could be.

Popular Skill Based Pokies

We’re seeing more skill-based pokies making their rounds in the online casinos to attract players. After all, they have a way of making traditional casino games appealing, too.
Two particular skill-based pokies we see a lot of include Space Invaders and Pharaoh’s Secret Temple.
With these games, the machine isn’t aware of how much you bet, so it can’t take that into consideration, and there can be any number of outcomes regardless of your bet size or player rewards status.
If you’re a traditional pokies fan, you may think this is unfair as you invest a lot yet may not be reaping the benefits of what you’ve put in unless you are skilled in that game. It’s a personal choice, really.
Thought-provoking pokies continue to generate numbers, so the machine doesn’t care what you have wagered. The outcomes are completely random.
While some players are reluctant to take to skill-based pokies, there’s no denying that they are in a league of their own and offer many benefits for players who prefer skill-based games.