Another New Microgaming Pokies Game to Try Your Hand At!

Microgaming slot games you need to play

A New Microgaming Pokies Game You Need to Try!

New Microgaming pokies, Fortunium, is now live. If you’re looking for a first-class mobile gaming experience complete with loads of different ways to win, you have got to check out this latest title from the renowned online casino software developer.

What’s the Latest Microgaming Slot All About?

Fortunium has been developed by Microgaming’s latest independent development studio partner. Stormcraft Studios’ release marks the beginning of the partnership between the brands. If you love steampunk, this is the game for you. It’s been optimised for mobile to give you a premium on-the-go gameplay experience.

The game takes you deep inside the buzzing metropolis of Fortunium, a fictional city where explorers, investors and inventors all come together to bring ideas to life, claim their fame and earn plenty of cash in the process.

The made-up city was founded by the successful inventor, Maximillian, and renowned navigator, Victoria. Of course, they are the main symbols in the pokies. You’ll spot them stacked on your reels along with an array of imaginative and bizarre inventions that go perfectly with this steampunk-themed game. It’s all set to some upbeat music that sets the perfect atmosphere.

Plenty of Ways to Win

Fortunium has been developed with tablets and smartphones in mind, so it comes with a 5×5 grid that is ideal for smaller screens. It also boasts no less than 243 ways to win.

This serious winning potential is boosted even further by an array of in-game features. There’s the Mystery Symbol to watch out for that, once stacked on your reels, can turn into any symbol as it lands. If you want to boost your chances of winning, turn on the Win Booster to increase the bet size by 50% and ensure the Mystery Symbols turn into higher value wilds.

Land three or more scatters and you will trigger the free spins feature. The Mystery Symbols are super-stacked during this mode and if your Win Booster was active when it landed, it remains active throughout your free spins round. Each and every scatter that lands during the mode gives you an additional free spin.

Fortunium is sure to provide tons of slot-playing excitement, packed full of great graphics and animations.

What Are Stormcraft Studios?

Earlier this year, Microgaming announced the inception of its elite independent studio, Stormcraft Studios. The studio is set to supply exclusive content to Microgaming and its partners and clients.

Microgaming, which has brought us some all-time classics like Immortal Romance and Mega Moolah, has teamed up and created their very own gaming studio. Under the new moniker, they are going to craft new, even more epic games exclusively for Microgaming online casino operators. The studio is to already be hard at work on a variety of premium content in which innovation will be the primary focus. With so many unexplored territories and all-new choices coming to players around the globe, we cannot wait to see what Microgaming and Stormcraft Studios release next. No doubt, they’re on their way to taking the iGaming market by storm.

Win Big? What You Can Do with Your Online Casino Win!

online casino win

What to Do with Your Online Casino Win

online casino win

As an avid online casino player, we bet you’ve spent countless hours thinking what you would do with that big online casino win. But here’s something you might not have thought about: what would you do if you hit that big progressive jackpot or got the poker hand of your life?

Forget about that French chateau or the latest Lambo. You need a solid plan on what to do with your mega millions as soon as you hear the ching-ching of winning chimes on your PC or mobile device.

Believe it or not, plenty people win life-changing amounts and just leave it lying in their online casino account. They just use it to carry on wagering or spinning those slot reels. They plan to wager it away.

Shaking your head? So are we. So, here are a few bits of advice for when you strike it lucky.

Keep Your Online Casino Win on the Down-Low

Before you shout your winnings from the rooftops, or on social media, just don’t. Rather than spilling the beans immediately, make sure you have the money in hand. Also, remember that once you let people know about your win, they might just ask you for a favour or two. Hitting the big time at an online casino is great for paying off loans and putting away retirement money, but there are those who will think it’s great for solving their problems, too, and be knocking at the door in a hurry.

Contact the Casino

Before you cash out your life-changing millions, contact the casino’s customer support team to ensure you can withdraw your new-found wealth. It’s important to make sure you won’t be caught off guard on a technicality that you missed in the casino’s t’s and c’s.

Remember, you might have to clear a pending bonus offer or forfeit bonus money before you can make the withdrawal.

Typically, an online casino will prefer to send your winnings to your bank account instead of a web wallet. Also, not all operators will pay the entire sum in one payment. Some have conditions in place that won’t allow you to withdraw your money in one go, but rather as monthly instalments.

Talk to a Professional

Before you start splurging the cash, talk to a financial advisor. Make sure you choose someone who is not going to try and sell you every product possible, but rather someone who understands money management and who will assist you with a sustainable new lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Create a Nest Egg

If you love playing at online casinos, why not put some of your winnings aside to carry on with the fun. Just remember never to play with more than you can afford to lose. You may want to consult your financial advisor about your casino nest egg.

Start Playing to Win

Ready to start hitting the tables or spinning the reels? All you have to do is sign up to an online casino, make a deposit and start playing.

Songs That Are Sure to Rock Your Online Casino Experience

Songs to Rock Your Online Casino Experience

Songs to Rock Your Online Casino Experience

Many online casino games put a great deal of effort into their sound effect and soundtracks to create an exhilarating, immersive and entertaining gaming experience. Yet, some players simply prefer to pick their own playlist when it comes to playing the perfect poker hand, rolling the dice or spinning the roulette wheel.

Sound familiar? Here’s our top pick of songs to add to your playlist. Whether you’re a poker fan or a slot fan, there’s a perfect song out there for you.

Songs to Rock Your Online Casino Experience

6 Online Casino Songs to Rock To

Poker Face

Whether you’re literally working on your poker face or just want to play it cool in your daily life, Lady Gaga’s hit should be your go-to anthem. Warning: this is one catchy tune that will be stuck in your head for days, so pump up the volume and start tapping those feet as you concentrate on the game at hand. Best of all, you don’t need to actually worry about your poker face when playing at an online casino!

Queen of Hearts

This Juice Newton pop-country song has done really well on the charts. You might have heard it in episodes of South Part or King of the Hill, but if not, go and look it up right now. It’s fun, catchy, and sure to get you singing along as you wait for those blackjack aces to appear.

I Wanna Be Rich

Don’t we all? After all, as much fun as you have to play at online casinos, you no doubt hope to hit the big payout at some point. This massive hit from Calloway is the perfect pick-me-up to get you in the mood for hitting the massive jackpot and becoming a millionaire. Want to imagine what money could buy for you? This is what this song is all about.

Spin Me Round

Dead or Alive sure had online slots in mind when penning this pop hit, right? Well, we’d like to think so. If you love the roulette wheel or pokies, stick this tune on a loop and watch out for those big wins. Hopefully, you’ll be just as successful as this 1995 hit, which hit the number one spot on the charts back in the day.

Ace of Spades

You don’t have to be a Motorhead fan to enjoy this one! It’s an epic track and one that’s sure to get your card games rocking. There are fun lyrics, incredible guitar riffs and it was a top hit when it was released back in 1980.

Waking Up in Vegas

We couldn’t leave Katy Perry off the list. For many, casino games are synonymous with wild nights out in Vegas and that “anything could happen” type of vibe. This pop song will get your feet tapping, and your mind into win mode so that you can have your very own “anything could happen” gaming experience. It also has a few sound effects right out of the casino floor, so this one truly sets the mood.

Do you have a favourite gaming soundtrack?

What Does Your Online Casino Game Says About You?

What Your Online Casino Game Says About You

What Your Online Casino Game Says About You

What Your Online Casino Game Says About You

You can learn quite a bit about someone from the simplest of things, their favourite drink, their pizza topping, and even their favourite online casino game. From pokies to cards, your game of choice says a great deal about who you are!

Just for fun, let’s see if we’re on point with these personality analyses.

Your Online Casino Game Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Online Pokies

As a pokies lover, you’re the master of zen. You’re deeply spiritual and practice mindfulness. You love meditation and repetition, both of which lull you into a trance and help you transcend to a higher plane of being. Or, you just like the cool TV and movie-themed pokies out there and the chance to win some serious money. Also, who can resist all those awesome bonus features, progressive jackpots and immersive animations?


You’re one cool customer. You love leather jackets and you rock sunglasses indoors. You’re nonchalant. You’re the James Dean of the year 2018.


You’re either really good at poker, a fraternity member or someone who wandered into the online casino menu on a whim and joined a poker table because it’s just something you know.

Either way, you probably don’t do limitations. Hopefully, you’ll win enough money to buy yourself a cool kid’s leather jacket or a pair of poker-face sunglasses for the next time you log on.


Well, hello there, classy player. You choose baccarat because you’re sophisticated and worldly – you’re all that and more even for knowing what baccarat actually is. You may even know a few other fancy French words.


Oh, you’re so fancy. You’re the creative kid around the table, the one that likes a little recklessness now and again. You may be a bit impulsive, perhaps even a little bit restless. You enjoy doing things with a flourish.


You spin me right round, baby! You’re one of those people who’s first in line for the latest roller coasters and you won’t even throw up. You love rotating restaurants and you never get anxious or nauseous. You’d also rather skateboard, bike or drive rather than use those two good legs.

Pai Gow

You were born in the wrong era, you old soul. You feel like you’d be more comfortable in a lavish 1920s ballroom complete with floor length gown and all the right, classy moves.


You’re either over 70 or pretending to just indulge in a bit of rhyming number fun. Whatever the reason, you’ve got a pocket full of colourful stampers and you’re ready to roll.

Not sure what your online casino game identity is? Not sure which popular games really embody your spirit? It’s an easy enough philosophical question to answer. Just head on over to your online casino of choice and start spinning reels, rolling the dice or flipping those cards to discover who you really are!

Two Online Casino Gamers Became NetEnt Jackpot Winners in June

NetEnt New Slot

Two New NetEnt Jackpot Winners in June

The space of just one week, two very lucky online pokies players became the latest NetEnt jackpot winners. Both victories happened in June and both were progressive jackpots.

NetEnt New Slot

NetEnt Jackpot Winners Take Home Millions

One of the lucky millionaires changed their lives after staking just one Euro on a spin on NetEnt’s well-loved Arabian Nights pokies at Euro Casino. Arabian Nights draws from the legends and myths detailed in the literary work of the same title. NetEnt’s pokies version of the work comprises five reels and 10 adjustable paylines.

To win the progressive jackpot on Arabian Nights, players must match five wild symbols on the same payline while also wagering the maximum bet.

The second victory occurred when one player decided to play the Mega Fortune Dreams pokies online at Unibet Casino. The lucky player made their dreams come true by transforming their one Euro bet into a life-changing 4.25 million Euros.

It’s a pretty fitting victory considering that Mega Fortune Dreams is a pokies game steeped in sheer indulgence and decadence with players able to match up symbols like jewelled purses, champagne glasses, gems and diamond watches on this 20-payline and five-reel pokies game.

Mega Fortune Dreams boast three progressive jackpot tiers, with either three or more bonus symbols giving you a shot at the massive prize pool. The aim of the mini-game is to get to the centre and hit that Maga Jackpot. There are also plenty of wild symbols and free spins to play for.

Will You Be the Next NetEnt Winner?

NetEnt is renowned for creating immersive, exciting slots with big jackpots, and their latest release, Jumanji, does not disappoint.

The company has recreated the 1995 hit classic, complete with a unique 3-4-5-4-3 reel setup and 36 paylines. The reels are alive with monkeys, pelicans, lions, crocodiles, rhinos and more. Add to that the eclectic drum beat sound track and sounds of wild life, and you have a colourful game complete with plenty of special features and chances to win big.

Speaking of special features, this game has something happening on the reels just about all the time. You get four base-game features and that triggers randomly to boost your chances of winning. The main feature of this slot is, of course, the Jumanji board game that takes you into a different screen where you get to throw the dice and move across to board, earning mystery wins, cash and unlocking several free spins along the way.

You don’t need to be a fan of movies or TV shows to enjoy NetEnt’s huge range of impressive slot titles. Their games promise loads of entertainment and a visual treat of the eyes. Not to mention so many ways to win.

Do you have a NetEnt favourite slot? Do you prefer progressive jackpots or smaller wins? No matter your preferences, you never know – you may just be the next lucky layer to make the millionaire headlines in 2018!