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Windows Device for pokies
Windows Device for pokies
For those New Zealand based players who have been smart enough to pick the up and coming mobile web platform provided through Windows and its line of smartphones and tablets.

Can enjoy perhaps the closest user experience for online gambling you can get that can replicate the thrill of playing at a real casino, straight from your mobile device!

Due in large part to this level of familiarity and comfort provided by these Windows devices the platform has become a major play in the online gambling market in recent years.

As such has become likely to be accommodated by many of the top online casinos available across New Zealand.

The following is a brief introduction to all the ins and out that you need to know to get started playing (and winning).

Windows Mobile Device

From the speed and sleekness of your Windows Mobile device. As you read on you will discover the following.

  • Some of the top reasons why so many people are deciding that Widows and its new line of mobile devices present a viable alternative to those more widely talked about Android and Apple platforms.
  • Some of the most important aspects that players need to keep in mind if they are to choose to play using the Windows mobile platform.
  • Some advice from our team of expert reviewers and real players about what makes the Windows Platform different and how we thought about choosing sites for our list that cater the strengths of that platform.

Choosing Windows Over Android or iOS platforms

As we said above one of the main reasons that players all over New Zealand have taken up the use of the Windows mobile platform is that it combines the comfort and familiarity of playing on a Windows PC with the convenience of a mobile device.

The popularity generated by these combined benefits has forced many online gambling sites to take notice of the needs of this user base and have begun to accommodate the Windows mobile platform with the same sort of development support enjoyed by more popular platforms.

So, if you were worried whether you could find a mobile version of your favourite casino game to play on your Windows phone you absolutely can. Alternatively, you can check out our Android pokies page, iPhone pokies page or if you’re on an iPad, our iPad pokies page.

Mobile Platform

While there are lots of different reasons people might choose one mobile platform rather than another, Windows users benefit from decades of both software and brand awareness that make it synonymous with quality which instills trust and familiarity to its potential users.

However, a mobile platform has to have more going for it than just a name brand. What makes Windows a good choice for so many players when a platform like Android has so many more options for customization and such a strong open source app development market?

Here are a few of the biggest reasons for this continued Windows loyalism.