Are Casino VIP Loyalty Programmes worth it?

Are Casino VIP & Loyalty Programmes worth it?

Casino VIP Loyalty ProgramsIf you’re brand new to the online casino world, you might not yet know the ins and outs of the industry’s rewards programmes. The two most popular player incentive systems in place are, without a doubt, Casino VIP and Loyalty Programmes. But what are the differences between the two and why would you want to cash in on either? Let’s take a look…


The breakdown of rewards for Loyalty and VIP Programmes are very different, though totally worth it. Both incentivise players to play more, rewarding them for their actions along the way.

Loyalty Programme Rewards. Almost all top-end online casinos offer tiered loyalty rewards. And all players who play with real money automatically qualify. In simple terms, players earn points for their cash wagers, which they can accumulate until they have enough to exchange for casino credits. While some online casinos let players redeem their points for bonus credits, others will let you trade them for cash credits. The difference? You can only play back the bonus credits, while you can cash out the cash credits. Either way, you get something extra out, just for playing. Another thing that sets casinos apart is the loyalty points allocation for cash wagers and their exchange value. It’s worth checking out before signing up at a casino. These Loyalty Programmes are often tiered, giving you more and better rewards as you qualify for and move up the various levels.

VIP Programme Rewards.

Often, when you’ve reached the top tier of an online casino’s Loyalty Programme, you’ll qualify to be a VIP player and enjoy the benefits that accompany this title. While the criteria for VIP players differs from one casino or even one region to the next, one requirement stays constant throughout – you need to be a very active player and place substantial real money bets. The VIP Programme perks can also vary widely, but can include exclusive tournament invites, a personal 24/7 host, bigger and better bespoke match offers, sought-after gifts, holiday giveaways and more. It’s worth noting, though, that a certain level of play needs to be maintained and that inactive VIP players will likely lose their status.

Top Notch Support

While all trustworthy and reputable online casinos fully explain the requirements and benefits of their Loyalty and VIP Programmes, they also offer 24/7/365 customer support. If you can’t find answers to your rewards programme questions, you might find them on the casino’s FAQ section in their software or on their website. Alternatively, you should be able to get quick assistance from a customer support agent via email, phone or at some casinos, an instant live chat online function. However, if you’ve qualified as a VIP player, you might have direct access to your very own personal VIP host that will see to your every need and answer any questions you might have, without delay – a perk definitely worth playing for.

Gives you a Goal

Whether you’re a fun-seeking online casino player or a high roller, both the Loyalty and VIP Programmes and the tier requirements attached will give you a reason to up your game. While some players are happy to just earn points that can be turned into credits, others strive to cash in on the top-end benefits that go hand-in-hand with being a VIP player. Either way, you’ll cash in – it’s a win-win.