What Happened to Casino-Mate?

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What Happened to Casino-Mate? 

What used to take hours can now be done in minutes, thanks to the world of online casinos. No longer do you have to travel to your favourite casino to have fun. While we now have hundreds of online casinos available to us, one of the great options for players down under is Casino Mate

This Australian casino is designed for players who really enjoy the online gaming experience. Founded in 2001, this platform has regularly been rated as one of the best online casinos in Australia. With over 500 pokies and plenty of other fun casino games, the casino may target mostly Australian and Kiwi players but it is licensed in Malta.  

Playing at Casino Mate 

While many people thought Casino-Mate disappeared when the industry regulated, this platform has thrown caution to the wind and continues to offer a stellar gaming experience. It’s evident that people behind Casino-Mate have spared no expense hiring the best designers, and while this isn’t the flashiest casino around, there are plenty of features along with an easy to navigate layout, making gaming effortless. 

Grab Your Casino-Mate Welcome Bonus

You’ll be happy to hear that this casino welcomes new players with open arms and a hefty bonus to boot. The welcome bonus can earn you up to $1,400 spread out over your first four deposits.  You’ll also get 80 wager-free spins to try out the pokies. The opportunity to try out pokies for free gives you the chance to find games you’ll enjoy and want to wager real money on. 

Playing On the Go, Mate 

These days, we expect to have full access to the web, no matter where we may be. Casino-Mate has adapted to this trend by offering players a flawless mobile option. You can enjoy every game in the casino’s library from your tablet or smartphone, including pokies, video poker and a host of other table games. 

Speaking of Casino Games 

If you were one of the people that thought Casino-Mate had disappeared, you’ll be thrilled to hear that they continue to offer an extensive menu of games from giant software developer, Microgaming. That means you can look forward to accessing excellent pokies like Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park, amongst hundreds of others. 

The casino also has a good collection of traditional casino games like blackjack, craps and baccarat. Sadly, there is no live dealer casino here, so you won’t find games like roulette and poker. 

Banking at Casino Mate 

There are a number of ways to fund your account and withdraw your winnings at this casino. You can use Ukash, MasterCard, Visa, Click2Pay and plenty of e-wallet options.  

Getting Help 

Should you run into any issues, from signing up to grabbing your bonus or anything else, the customer service team is available around the clock to help you.  


Casino Mate is alive and kicking, and that massive welcome bonus is waiting for you! 

Exciting New Online Gambling Games

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Exciting New Online Gambling Games

There’s so much fun to playing online casino games. Crystal clear graphics, adventurous story lines and interesting themes captivate the pokie enthusiast while table and card game fans can indulge in strategic manoeuvres and big payouts for adrenalin filled thrills. Playing at a Live Dealer casino is also exhilarating as you get to play your favourite games in a real live casino environment.

There are three new games that New Zealanders are enjoying right now! Monopoly Live, Farmville 2 and Deal or No Deal. Read on to find out why.

Monopoly Live Casino

Did you know that you can play the classic game of Monopoly at a Live Dealer casino? You absolutely can and it will be the most fun you’ve ever had!

Based on the world’s best-loved board game, Monopoly Live takes the excitement and suspense of the simple board game and combines live game action and augmented reality to redefine Live Casino entertainment, along with the chance of massive multiplier wins!

Playing the live version of Monopoly is simple, players bet on the number they think the wheel will stop at. Bet options include the simple 1, 2, 5, 10 options and 2 rolls and 4 rolls, which trigger a bonus game round.

The segments on the wheel boast great prizes, for example, if the wheel stops on a CHANCE segment, Mr. Monopoly will hand you a card that will tell you if you’ve won either a random cash prize or a random multiplier bonus. The game host then spins the wheel again, and if the player gets a multiplier once more, their multiplier will be multiplied!

Farmville 2 Country Escape

In the original Facebook game, Farmville, the game earned 750 million fans worldwide. Now with Farmville 2, a pokie game by social casino gaming developer Zynga, players can enjoy the same challenges of raising animals and growing crops to win free spins and trigger bonus rounds.

Although the real money version of FarmVille 2 pokie has already been released, the free play version is a real hit in the social casino gaming market. The pokie game is fun and offers a certain rhythm to all the growing, feeding, and selling that makes the early levels fly by in a breeze. But Farmville 2 offers more than just the everyday running of a farm, the pokie game was created with new mechanics and tons of variety that change the game as you continue playing. Farmville 2 never gets complex, deep, or innovative but even so, the pokie game can be played for hours without a boring moment!

In the new version of Farmville 2, the creators have added a number of social elements and not only can you share with your Facebook friends, but you can also form Co-Ops with internet strangers. In the game players can also trade with other people globally through a market interface.

Escape to a country farm and grow crops, nurture farm animals like sheep, cows, chickens, and pigs, and make plenty of like peach yogurt and teddy bears to sell. It all depends on what you’re interested in. If it’s fishing you love or mining for gems, interact with other users and create your products, and when they’re ready to sell, Eagle Eye Eddie has you covered!

Deal Or No-deal!

Looking for a pokie game that offers tons of features and loads of different rewards? Then Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play, a pokie game from Blueprint Gaming will keep you mesmerized!

There are 16 features in the base games, plus a second board game where nine more features can be awarded. It’s an action packed and exciting pokie presented in portrait style, meaning that it’s not only perfect for desktop, but optimized for smartphones and tablets too.

There are five main reels at the bottom of the game and these are crossed by five paylines. When you land three, four, or five of the same symbol anywhere across a line, you’ll win a prize, cherries, lemons and oranges pay one, two, or five times the total stake and plums and grapes pay out two, three, or ten times your bet.

But the really special moment of the game arrives when your banker calls. This could be the moment to win loads of quick money and success or walk away with nothing but the smell of defeat. You won’t know when the call comes, but when you hear the shrill of the ringing phone, it’s time for business! The banker will present you with three red Deal or No Deal boxes and you’ll have to choose one for a great prize!

So there you have it, three top games you can play today for fun or for real cash! Follow our links, relax and enjoy hours of fun filled online casino gaming.

Top 5 Casino

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How Do We Review Casino Apps 

We understand that recommending a casino app is a huge responsibility. The suggested casino apps must satisfy a range of parameters and should be reliable, to say the least. This is why we have analyzed a range of factors to produce a well-compiled list of casino apps for you.  

Check out. 

Top Mobile Casinos
Bob Casino
$500 - 100% Match + 140 Spins
10 no deposit Freespins
Bitstarz Casino
$500 - 100% Match + 200 Spins
Playamo Casino
$300 - 100% Match + 150 Spins
* Terms and Conditions apply. Click the "Play" button for more information. Please play responsibly! Only players over 18 allowed!

Things We Look For in a Casino App 

  • Rewards  

The first and most important feature that a casino app must offer is a lucrative set of rewards. It is human nature to be attracted to rewards and monetary appreciation that come free of cost. The ideal casino app has a lot of rewards awaiting the users.  

This would include several free spins, a welcome bonus, jackpots, and contents to keep the interest alive. This also means you would be able to hold a healthy competition with the other players and benefit from the rewards!  

  • Design  

The design of the app is the deciding factor that we have focused on while choosing the best casino apps. Technology is advancing every day now and more often than not, the users prefer to work with a design that is attractive and one that gives them a real casino feel instead of a virtual one. 

That is why it is necessary that your chosen casino app features an elegant design. Also, since these designs are to be used on digital devices, aesthetic designs can really keep you entertained.  

  • Interactive User interface 

It is imperative to ensure that an online casino app is actually capable of working across multiple devices, smartphones, tablets, desktops, and the likes. So, a good, interactive and intuitive interface is mandatory in order to keep the users attracted.  

Initially, you might take some time in understanding the app, its functions, and operations. In this scenario, having an intuitive UI actually helps. It will help you understand the structure of the casino more easily.  

An online casino app that actually has a strong backend performance and has an interactive UI is easier to access, and this is one criterion we have focused on. 

  • Themes 

It is common knowledge that themes improve the experience of the users. Sometimes, it is not enough to be having a good interface and an attractive design. This is why we have chosen the apps with the best themes. These could range from movie themes to fantasy themes. Whatever keeps the user engaged could act as a good theme. The concept of a story being described during the betting games and the casino games actually generates the users’ interest in the games.  

  • Personal avatar  

Taking a cue from the previous point, including a personal avatar is often a good idea to increase the intensity of the game. While you would want to view your favourite movie character on the screen on the casino game, you would also be fascinated by the idea of involving your personal avatar in the game. In fact, sometimes, there are special options by which you can customize your avatar to make a picture you would like. You could change the hairstyle, clothes, and many other virtual design ideas. 

  • Tutorials  

There are a lot of people who are new to online casino gaming and when they start using the app, they would require a tutorial to guide them through the process. This is more like a training process where the users are taught about using the casino from scratch. What do these instructions refer to? These would include concepts of making a bet on the casino, making use of the free spins, making payments and withdrawals from the winnings, encashing rewards and also tips and tricks about hitting the jackpot. These could come in rather handy for the users. 

  • Security  

This is one of the most important aspects of any online game and especially an online casino. So, the idea is that there are a lot of transactions taking place online which include user deposits for making a bet or withdrawals after a win. Thus, it is essential to choose an app which is equipped with a high level of security such that all the transactions are secure and free from risks.  

Along with the security of transactions, it is essential that the users can keep their identity protected since they do provide a lot of information to the app. Data encryption and information protection are of the utmost importance in this regard. 

  • Customization

A good casino app is one that can accommodate customization to suit the needs of the user. This is another factor that helps users choose from one casino game to another. Being able to customize the gaming solutions means that the users can edit the number of pay lines, the number of bets, the amount in each bet, and the likes. A lot of casino apps also gives the user the freedom to experiment with different themes, the underlying stories and the characters involved. These customization actually provide users with a personal touch.  

  • Variety of games  

A good casino is one that features a wide variety of games for the users. These could include common card titles like Blackjack, Video Poker, etc., and live casino and the likes. The more the varieties of options, the better are your chances of attracting the right people. More often than not, every casino enthusiast will be interested in one casino game or the other. This gives the casino an edge over the others.  

  • In-app purchases  

Every casino usually comes with a free base version that is sufficient to attract beginners and newbies. But, once the initial features have been explored by the users, they would look towards working with the more advanced features.  

We have shortlisted the apps which provide a range of features without asking you to spend more money. 

The Wrap Up 

Although there is an array of casino apps available in the market, choosing one out of them still remains a tough task. We have here made your task easier by providing you with the list of best casino apps that you can rely on with no second thoughts. 

Best RTP Slot Games

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Best RTP Slot Games

If you are an experienced slot player, one thing that you will ever like to have a look at before choosing a casino is the offered RTP. The Return to Player or RTP is the key value which keeps the players engaged. This figure gives you a rough estimation of how much you can expect to lose while playing a particular title.

Want a practical example? Here you go. Let’s talk about our favourite slot game, Starburst. According to NetEnt, RTP for Starburst is 96.1% which means that the players will get back 96.1% of whatever they wager.

Don’t take us wrong. This, in no way, means that for every $100 wagered on Starburst, you will necessarily win back $96.1. This is what is called a theoretical value. There is always a level of uncertainty involved, that’s why we call it gambling. Makes sense?

The Best RTP Slot Games

As is easy to predict, the RTP offered by a slot game is a key indicator of how attractive a slot is. It is likely that slot games with high RTP will not wipe out their bank balance completely.

To make your task easier, here, we have shortlisted the best RTP slot games for your easy consideration. Play any of these games, and stay assured of the high return to player value!

Top Mobile Casinos
Bob Casino
$500 - 100% Match + 140 Spins
10 no deposit Freespins
Bitstarz Casino
$500 - 100% Match + 200 Spins
Playamo Casino
$300 - 100% Match + 150 Spins
* Terms and Conditions apply. Click the "Play" button for more information. Please play responsibly! Only players over 18 allowed!

How is RTP Calculated?

It is important to mention here that RTP is calculated on a long-term basis instead of per wager. Thus, it is highly possible that a player can walk away with $90 on a $10 wager or with a completely empty bankroll. The beauty of the slot games is that they are highly random, all thanks to the RNG technology that they are powered by.

Although the uncertainty is high, calculating Return to Player value provides you with a fair indication.

This brings us to an important question – what are high RTP slots? Well, this might vary from player to player as to what they consider as high value.

But we think that:

  • Any slot which offers an RTP of more than 98% is high value
  • We classify slot games with RTP between 95% and 97.99% as mid-range
  • RTP values below 94.99% are considered low

Important Relationships Explained

Relationship between RTP and House Edge

RTP is inverse of House Edge. RTP is an indication of the winning potential of a gamer, on the other hand, House Edge determines the average percentage of the casino. It defined as the percentage of stakes or wagers that an online casino makes.

Thus, if you have always wondered as to how online casinos make money, here is your simple answer. To calculate the profits of a casino, you don’t need to make any hefty calculations. All you need to do is deduct the RTP percentage from 100%, and you are done!

Relationship between RTP and Winning Frequency

As a matter of fact, there is no clear relationship between RTP and winning frequency. The frequency of you winning the game cannot be solely determined on the basis of RTP value of any slot machine. It might give you an average idea but that might not be enough to reveal the complete story.

For instance, one slot with 95% RTP may payout every 6 spins. On the other hand, another slot with the RTP value of 92% may pay out every couple of spins. Thus, there is no direct relationship, you see?

However, it is believed that slots with infrequent payouts generally offer a larger amount when compared to the slots that pay like machine guns. Most likely they will only pay a small sum.

Relationship between Volatility and RTP

Volatility or variance is related to Return to Player and is generally categorized into – low, medium, and high. Thus, two slots may have the same RTP value but they might offer totally different volatility. This is what makes them different.

One slot might have a low variance, and the other might have high volatility. As a matter of fact, low volatility slots often contribute to small wins. On the other hand, high volatility slots may not pay out frequently, but whenever they do, the payout is expected to be much bigger.

To strike the right balance, it is highly recommended to choose slots which offer medium volatility. This will help you in fetching the most out of winning frequency and payout.

Relationship between Hit Frequency and RTP

HIT frequency is a term that helps you understand the winning potential – as in, how likely it is that the slot machine will award a win. Similar to RTP, hit frequency is calculated in percentage. The higher the percentage, the better it is.

It is important to mention here that similar to RTP, hit frequency is also calculated for a long duration.

Why Progressive slots with Large Jackpots Have Lower RTPs?

Have you ever noticed that progressive slots with large jackpots tend to offer lower RTP? If you notice it enough, you will find that RTP value generally lies between 80 – 90% which is very low.

Why is this so? This is because a large amount of money is provided to the jackpot-winning players. Whenever a player wins the jackpot, the casino owner tries to make some money by lowering the RTP so that they can sponsor other similar jackpots. Thus, if you want to make the most out of spinning, it is highly recommended to choose non-progressive slots with higher RTP if you want to earn huge money.

Tips and Tricks for RTP Slot Games

Undoubtedly, when playing slot games, a player is always at a loss. There is no casino which provides 100% RTP and favours the players. Thus, all you need is luck to win. This is why having higher volatility is better for you.

Why so? This is because, in low volatility games, the results tend to stay closer to the expected return which is more often than not closer to the 100%. But this is not the case with high volatility games. You are still losing money in the long run but since you have a chance to win a large amount of money, you get a chance to win big which translates to better win.

This is why we will highly recommend you to focus on increased volatility while also focusing on the game’s RTP.

  • Tip 1: Avoid placing bets which tend to decrease your RTP

On average, most online slots have the same RTP regardless of the kind of bets. However, some slots which are derived from the land-based slot games provide a significant disadvantage to certain bets. This is why you must not choose those.

  • Tip 2: Regulate volatility with double-up feature

Double up feature could work to your advantage. It allows you to double your win with a 50% chance. This feature helps you in increasing the volatility of the gams drastically. This tip especially comes to your rescue when you want to win big.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly. RTP is an important factor to consider while choosing a slot game, but it is definitely not the only factor that you should focus on. This is because Return to Player, no matter high or low cannot provide you with 100% winning chances or else how will the casinos earn.

Therefore, when you have to choose the best slot machines, focus on other essential factors like the types of bonuses and offers offered, fun features that it possesses and so on.

The slot machines that we have offered here are the right mix of what you should focus on. Finding the best RTP slot games is a tough task, and we know that this is why we have here handpicked the best games for you!

Video Poker vs Pokies

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Video Poker vs Pokies 

Video poker and pokies are two of the most popular forms of online casino games. While they may sort of sound the same, they are vastly different. Players who take a beating on pokies often turn to video poker with its strategic element, while those who aren’t interested in strategy prefer the pokies games of chance and luck.

So, how do these games compare? Let’s take a closer look.

The Difference Between Pokies and Video Slots 

While these games often fall under the same category at online casinos, play one of each and you’ll quickly realise how different they are.

One of the biggest differences is that pokies hope for combinations of symbols from left to right on the reels while video poker depends on the traditional rules of poker.

Video poker offers up two rounds – first with five cards on the screen. You can pick any number of the cards to hold in place while others are replaced with new cards in round two. After the second round, the hand is compared for any poker combinations. The combinations don’t need to appear from left o right and there is no payline reward.

Pokies are a game of chance. You don’t need any skills, just luck. You spin the reels and wait for them to stop to see if any symbols line up to create a winning combination.

As you can see, the betting methods and options are different. You bet per round with video poker and wager on each pay line with pokies. 

Let’s discuss a few more differences. 

  • Pokies Have Bigger Progressive Jackpots

Pokies are renowned for progressive jackpots with millions of dollars. But only a handful of pokies offer this kind of money. The point is, you can make a life-changing amount winning a pokies jackpot. 

Video poker games typically offer payout for a royal flush of about 4,000 coins. There are a few progressive jackpots, but a lot less compared to pokies.

  • Video Poker Requires Strategy 

This is the biggest difference between pokies and video poker. Every decision in poker has a long-term impact on your winnings. 

Pokies, on the other hand, require careful bankroll management and choosing games with the highest payback. Then you hit the spin button and hope for the best. There are a few newer pokies that feature bonus rounds that rely on your skills, but these count for about 5% of your overall payback. Video poker requires more skills, so in this regard, there’s just no comparison.

  • Higher Pay Back in Video Poker 

Video poker machines might not offer you the chance to scoop a major windfall, but they offer considerably higher payback than pokies. For instance, full-pay deuces wild can pay back as much as 100.76% while 9/6 Jacks or Better can pay back 99.54%.  

This is higher than any pokies machine can offer. The best pokies pay back around 99% with the average sitting around 97%. Online pokies certainly offer better returns than their land-based counterparts, but they’re still not as high as video poker games. 

  • Pokies Are More Relaxing 

If you’re not worried about high returns and strategy, sit back and relax as you spin the reels. All you do is select your bet size, spin the reels and hope for bonus rounds, free spins and wins. That’s it! 

With video poker, you need to select the bet size, receive the 5 cards and decide which ones to keep and which to discard. You then click draw to complete the hand. You need a few seconds to think during the draw round. 

If you’re of a casual gamer who wants to relax while playing fun games, pokies are definitely for you. 

  • Max Bets for Top Pay Back in Video Poker 

If you want max payback in video poker, you need to make the max bet. That’s because you can get your hands on a much bigger flush payout when you wager the maximum number of coins. For example, if you bet 4 coins and get a royal flush, you can win 1,000 coins. But if you bet the max 5 coins and get a royal flush, you stand to win 4,000 coins. 

Some pokies require specific bets, like progressive jackpots and bonus rounds. For example, if a progressive jackpot is a 50-pay line game, you need to play all 50 lines to qualify for the main jackpot.

The Similarities Between Video Poker and Pokies 

Video poker and pokies also share a few similarities. 

  • Both Use Random Number Generators 

Random Number Generators (RNG) create a sequence of numbers that you cannot predict. It’s totally random, and both video poker machines and pokies use RNG to make sure everyone has a fair chance of winning. There are those players who think there’s a strategy or pattern that will bring in guaranteed profits. But the RNG is in place to make sure every outcome is different and independent of the last round. 

  • The Same Pokies and Video Poker Games Might Offer Different Pay Back 

The same video poker variant can have different payback based on its paytable. Online pokies typically offer a standard payout with each game, no matter which online casino you’re playing at. But there are exceptions where a particular game can feature a different payback from one casino to the next. The best example of this is the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot from Microgaming. This game’s payback can offer anywhere from 88.12% up to 95%. 

  • An Alternative to Table Games 

Video poker and pokies provide a good alternative to table games. Whether you just need a break from table games or don’t want to learn the strategies and skills that go with them, you can enjoy pokies and video poker at your own pace. Many online casinos also give you the opportunity to practice in demo mode with no risk to your own money. If you want to play for real money and win, you’ll need to register an account and make a deposit. 

  • Both Have Betting Options 

In both pokies and video poker, you can change betting options to suit your bankroll and preferences.

In video poker, common wagering options include: 

  • Changing the coin denomination 
  • Betting 1 to 5 coins per hand 
  • Playing multiple hands per turn 
  • Making side bets 

For pokies, common options include: 

  • Double-up option after wins in some games 
  • Changing the coin size 
  • Changing coins per line 
  • Adjusting pay lines 

There are some betting options in video poker and pokies that are almost similar like the coin denomination and the coins per payline or hand. 

Which Game Is for You? 

These comparisons aren’t suggesting that one game is better than the other. Rather, they point out the aspects to consider when deciding which to play at online casinos. Of course, if you like mixing things up between strategy and luck, there’s nothing stopping you from playing both pokies and video slots and making the most of your gameplay. If you’re not sure which is for you, remember, most casinos let your try games out in demo mode first.