Using Bitcoin to Deposit And Withdraw At Casinos

Using Bitcoin to Deposit and Withdraw At Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are making waves in the world today, but many players remain confused as to how to use Bitcoin to make deposits at an online casino. Most gamers know that paying with Bitcoin means bypassing banking transactions while remaining anonymous and staying away from prying eyes online, but few know how to make a deposit with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was first introduced to the online casino world in 2012, and although it has taken a few years for it to really catch on, nowadays you’ll find most reputable online casinos are beginning to facilitate both withdrawals and deposits via Bitcoin.

As a new Bitcoin user, you won’t have to worry too much about the technical details, you can start using Bitcoin without really understanding much about digital currency. Think of it this way, it’s just like good old-fashioned buying and selling, but with digital currency.

How To deposit Bitcoin

Before you can make Bitcoin deposit, youll first have to setup an online Bitcoin wallet, much in the same way as a bank account or PayPal account works. There are hundreds of different sites where you can download a Bitcoin wallet, almost all of them are free.

Once youve downloaded your Bitcoin wallet, the next step is to purchase Bitcoin, and while they’re freely available on the open marketyour wallet will more than likely be able to facilitate a purchase of Bitcoin. The process is similar to buying consumer goods online, you’ll have to provide some basic financial information such as name, credit card number, and a physical address. There’s nothing really confusing about buying and using Bitcoin to gamble, think of it this way, youre not buying Bitcoin as much as youre exchanging your currency for another currency, with the only difference being that Bitcoin is strictly digital. 

Now that you have your Bitcoin wallet and it’s loaded with Bitcoin, the next step is to take your Bitcoin, head off to the online casino and load them to your online casino player account. If you’ve already deposited at an online casino you’ll know that to make a deposit, for example with a credit or debit cardmeans typing in your credit card information and executing a deposit, but with Bitcoin, the casino will only need your Bitcoin wallet address and the desired deposit amount. As soon as this information has been inputted, itll take only a few seconds for the transfer to be completed and you’ll be ready to play your favourite real money games.

very important point to note is that the value of a single Bitcoin is almost always going to be well over $€100 and if you’re a conservative player and only want to deposit something like $€50, you can. When you make a deposit at an online casino, you won’t deposit 1 Bitcoin but a fraction of Bitcoin, so when you see the value of a Bitcoin, don’t be scared away as you can very quickly and easily deposit .1 Bitcoin. Howevermost online casinos that have Bitcoin as a deposit method will allow you to play your Bitcoin in terms of your own currency. This means that instead of placing .0001 Bitcoin bets, the amounts of your wagers and can be displayed in your currencyor any currency youre accustomed to using. 

How To Withdraw Bitcoin

Withdrawing your Bitcoin is a very simple process, click on the banking interface and select the Bitcoin withdrawal button. You can now select the amount you wish to withdraw and it will then be sent back to the Bitcoin Wallet account.

Pro’s and Con’s Using Bitcoin

One of the biggest advantages of using Bitcoin for real money online casino gambling is the amount of fees you’ll be forced to pay, zero! While other banking methods charge a pretty package to withdraw your funds, Bitcoin transactions don’t carry any fees whatsoever, and those that do charge, the fees tend to be very small and manageable.

Another advantage is that Bitcoin withdrawals happen instantaneously, meaning that you no longer have to worry about long processing times.

Bitcoin also means that your personal information will be kept safe. You won’t have to enter your personal and financial information at an online casino as Bitcoin requires that you do no more than supply the address of your wallet, which is already encrypted for added security.

If you’re interested in Bitcoin casinos, make your deposit today, play your favourite casino games and then withdraw your winnings at no extra fees! Have a look at our pages and register at a Bitcoin casino today! It’s the most forward thinking way to play your favourite slots and casino games.

Why Android Play store apps can be dangerous


The Dangers of Downloading Apps from the Android Play Store

Late in 2018, it was reported that half a million Android device users downloaded a virus from the Android Play Store. That virus was disguised as a racing game. A year before that, cybersecurity in Israel discovered another Android virus that charges your phone bill for fraudulent text messages. This virus was hidden in a staggering 50 apps. The infected apps were downloaded more than 21 million times before Google removed them.

Android users download mobile apps from Google Play and it’s home to over a million apps. While Google has done its best to keep malware off the platform, we see reports of infected apps popping up every year. It’s dangerous stuff!

But what do you do if you’re a keen casino player and want to get your favourite app for your Android device? Let’s take a look.

Google Bars Online Casino Apps

Do a quick search of the Play store’s Restricted Content page and you’ll find an entire tab dedicated to online gambling. According to Google’s policies, content or services that facilitate online gambling are barred.

Google claims that gambling adverts are accepted, only if they meet certain criteria. Yet they don’t allow gambling apps, which is frustrating when you consider that iOS’s App store has no problem with it.

Now for the good news. That was then and things have changed. You can indeed download online casino apps from the Android Play Store these days, but it comes with a whole lot of risks.

Some Apps Have Malware

Apps aren’t always safe. Some contain malware, which is a software designed to damage your mobile device, waste resources and risk your privacy. While the majority of apps are safe to download, there are those silent lurchers amongst them just waiting to steal your private information and harm your device.

So, before you download that casino app, you need to judge whether or not it is safe. Mobile phones are pricey, and they contain heaps of personal data. What’s more, even the most reputable app stores can’t guarantee an app is safe. It’s for you to learn how to mitigate the risks.

Remember to keep in mind General Tips for Spotting Dangerous Casinos

Apps that contain malware are a gateway for malicious activity. That means some apps can tap into your phone and steal your private information. Underhanded people can even take full control of your device.

Your device could even be turned into a bot. If this happens, people can use your device as part of widespread attacks. Not only can these people get their hands on your data, but they can also make your device part of their nefarious activities.

That’s why you need to be aware of app security. Just because an app is available from the Android Play Store doesn’t mean it’s automatically safe. Google regularly removes apps that they suspect contain malware, but there are those apps that slip through the cracks and onto unsuspecting user’s devices.

By learning how to identify trustworthy apps, you can protect your mobile device from malware. Below, are a few tips.

Know the Source

Naturally, the safest route is to download your casino apps from reputable markets. Today’s open mobile ecosystem is daunting, to say the least. It’s plagued by a complete lack of law and order. You can download your apps from an app store or sideload them using a direct USB connection. But even then, you’re likely to come across third-party apps. The best place to download an Android App is often directly from the casino site..

Never impulsively download an application. Take the time to get to know the source. Marketplaces always provide categories for apps, including third-party varieties. They typically offer first-party apps that are made by your phone’s vendor. Then there are those third-party apps made by someone who is not your phone manufacturer.

So, think of it like this. When you download a third-party app, you’re expanding the relationship between yourself and the phone developer by adding the maker of the app. Each time you do this, you add more fuel to the fire.

How to Tell if an App is Trustworthy

Fortunately, there are a few characteristics of a safe app and a safe marketplace, including:

  • Clearly laid out and well-developed terms of service
  • Troubleshooting FAQ
  • Strict criteria for app developers
  • Clear contact information
  • Downloading Your Casino Apps Directly

App stores give you additional layers of security. While not every app in the Android Play Store is safe, there’s less chance of running into any issues. When you download apps outside of the store, it’s called side-loading. It’s dangerous to bypass reliable app markets.

The apps you find in Google Play are mostly screened for quality, safety, legitimacy and a whole list of other factors. Those apps outside the market are a lot more likely to be infected with malware.

Read Reviews

Before you download anything, do your homework. Read reviews on the app, see what other users have to say and then make an informed decision to keep your device and your information safe.

Our top tip for being safe when downloading casino apps is to rather visit the site and register via your browser following reputable casino sources. This means that your payment info is being transferred first to someone you can trust. Then using the app to login to your account. This will help you prevent sending unwanted info to third parties.

Huawei and Google Part Ways

Huawei Loses Android

By now, you’ve heard all about Google severing ties with Huawei in a move that may well threaten Huawei’s global ambitions and impact all huawei’s users who rely on the Android operating system. This of course threatens the way that many of our players interact with their casinos, so we thought we’d try clear up some of the confusion for those of our users who make use of their android phones to play casino games

Google has made the decision to stop licensing the Android operating system to the Chinese firm, in an effort to comply with a US trade blacklist. You’ll still be able to access the open-source version of Android, but soon you won’t be able to integrate Google services, like the app store, and this is sure to have implications on mobile casino gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions for Huawei Users

What Actually is Happening?

Firstly, the immediate consequence of Google’s actions is Huawei’s loss of access to Android updates. That means your current smartphone won’t receive any official Android OS updates from now on. As we’ve mentioned, reports tell us that Huawei will only have access to the open-source version of Android and will immediately miss out on access to proprietary apps and services. Which apps and services will be limited by this suspension are still under discussion, apparently, which means that right now, your online casino apps are okay. But that’s for now.

Meanwhile, Huawei has said they’re examining the impact of this US trade blacklist on its products. While the manufacturer can use the Android Open Source Project to develop software, the license doesn’t include apps like Chrome browser, YouTube and Gmail.

In terms of your on-the-go gaming, if you use your Gmail account for casino updates and promotions, you might miss out if you forget to check your PC regularly. Also, if you prefer playing through Chrome, it’s time to consider another browser. Fortunately, most mobile casino games are optimised for gameplay across a number of top internet browsers.

What are the Implications for Huawei Users?

Google has said they’re suspending all business activity with the Chinese manufacturer in terms of “non-public” transfers of software, hardware and even technical services. While the open source project is easy enough to modify and install without permission, all major vendors rely on a great deal of support from Google.

It’s important to understand that if you currently own a Huawei phone, you’re not going to find that you suddenly can’t install new apps or get the latest updates for Google services. The devices have already been certified under processes called the Vendor Test Suite and the Compatibility Test Suite. This means Google can provide Huawei with the latest versions of its products as well as authorise downloads from the Play marketplace, without having to deal directly with the Chinese manufacturer.

So, your casino apps are safe for now. But things get a little more complicated when it comes to the all-important security updates. Usually, Google gives Android device manufacturers the code for software fixes around a month or so before it even reveals details to the public about any vulnerabilities.

In turn, Android phone makers have enough time to check the patches won’t cause any problems for their own proprietary software and then they get to work packaging a customised version of the fixes as a download for users.

Now, Huawei will only learn of the patches the same day they’re released to the Android Open Source Project and as a result, there’ll be a lag before they distribute them. Theoretically, that means that in a situation where a serious flaw is revealed, Huawei devices will be exposed for days or even weeks.

What has Huawei Said About the Situation?

It can all sounds rather daunting, but you don’t need to stop using your Huawei phone. In fact, your smartphone will carry on operating as normal right now. Huawei has said they’ll continue providing security updates and even after-sales services to existing tablet and smartphone products, covering all those devices that have been sold or as still in stock around the world.

What About Google Access?

You won’t lose complete access to Google, either, and that includes various Google apps and Google Assistant. You will even continue to receive app updates on your existing smartphone since app updates are delivered by Google Play’s west team.

You’ll also continue to receive those security updates for now. Huawei has said it will go through the Open Source project and that the manufacturer has a middling track record for delivering monthly updates that Google releases. So, you’re likely to still receive a similar level of service with security updates delivered at pretty much the same pace right now.

What About Future Huawei Smartphones?

We’ll attempt to securely charge your credit card at the point of purchase online. If there’s a problem, you’ll be notified on the spot and prompted to use another card. Once we receive verification of sufficient funds, your payment will be completed and transferred securely to us. Your account will be charged in 24 to 48 hours.

Will I be charged sales tax for online orders?

As for the future, new Huawei products to hit the market won’t receive propriety services from Google until such times as the trade blacklist is lifted. So, if you buy a new Huawei smartphone or tablet, you won’t get access to YouTube, Google Chrome and Gmail as these require commercial licenses.

For now, Huawei has two options – make full use of Google’s Android Open Source Project and get to work developing its very own operating system, which is going to take a huge amount of research and development. Either way, it’s a big blow to one of the largest smartphone companies on the planet.

It’s worth noting, though, that Huawei has already been making preparations for the time it loses access to software from US bigwigs like Microsoft and Google, and reports suggest the manufacturer has already taken steps to start developing an in-house operating system as an Android alternative. They’ve said they’ll continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, but sustainability is surely key.

For now, your casino apps are safe, and you can continue to play through your phone’s browser if you prefer. But it may well be time to consider an alternative to Chrome if that’s what you use, and perhaps a different email address to Gmail for your casino marketing content to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest bonuses and promotions.

Even if Huawei is quick to develop its own software, it will take quite some time for even the biggest casino brands to jump on board, so maybe you’ll want to consider a different brand when your next phone upgrade comes around.

Benefits Of Playing Pokies On A Casino App

Casino app

Benefits Of Playing Pokies On A Casino App

Pokies have always been a Casino appgreat source of entertainment. It used to be that land-based casinos would host simple but attractive pokie machines with a lever to turn the reels. But technology has certainly come a long way since then, and you can now play an abundance of amazing titles online. Even better, you can play pokies on the go through casino apps, and there are a lot of benefits to be had.

Mobile Pokies – An Overview

There’s no denying that mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors in the online casino industry, thanks to the progress in mobile technologies. Now, you can play a host of popular titles on your mobile device, giving you even more flexibility and convenience as you spin the reels anytime, anywhere.

It’s almost irrelevant what operating system your device runs on. Established mobile casinos are compatible with so many different types of smartphones and tablets, including the most popular options like Android, Windows and iOS. Some of the most loved pokies titles have even been adapted for smart watches and Kindle tablets especially.

Casino Software and Mobile Compatibility

When online casinos first came about, you had to download and install native software for your desktop PC. Later, many of the top casino operators decided to adopt this format for their mobile casino platforms. This meant you could now download native apps to your tablet or smartphone, and with that came a whole host of incredible benefits for fans of pokies.

Downloading Mobile Pokies Apps

Apps for Android and iOS mobile devices are usually available for free download on the casino’s website. Alternatively, if your casino of choice has a native app, you can visit the App Store (for iOS devices).

Pokies fans may have to scan a QR code to receive a download link for a particular casino’s app, which is very often the case for Android-based devices. That’s because Google took the decision not to offer real-money gaming software at their store. So, if you’re an Android player, you’re likely to be sent a download link for the casino app after contacting the casino’s customer support team.

Once you have your casino app, you just need to run through a quick and easy installation process to access your player account and start playing your favourite pokies. Mobile casino apps are optimised for mobile devices which means the pokies are adapted to perfectly fit your screen. What’s more, the apps are always user-friendly and allow for seamless navigation. Best of all, gaming interaction is amazing, allowing you to set those reels in motion with just a swipe of your touchscreen.

It’s worth noting that there are some minimum system requirements your mobile device must meet for you to have an immersive, hassle-free experience. Typically, mobile casinos run the smoothest on Android devices operating on OS 2.3.3 or higher. For Apple, it’s preferable to have iOS3 or newer.

As for internet speed, take note that mobile pokies are often more demanding owing to their enhanced audio effects and graphics. After all, your favourite pokies have incredible characters and symbols that have each been skilfully animated for the reels. So, ideally you need a 3G/4G or reliable wireless connection your mobile device for smooth pokies sessions.

Now that’s all sorted, what exactly are the benefits of playing pokies on casino apps? Let’s take a closer look.

What to Expect when Playing Pokies on Apps

The interface of mobile pokies looks the same as their desktop versions. You can choose different betting limits with ease by selecting your preferred coin value, adjusting bet levels and activating the paylines you’d like to bet on. All you have to do is touch the Spin button or even swipe the reels to get them going. Just imaging winning with the touch of a fingertip!

Online pokies’ features are also pretty much the same as regular desktop pokies. Once you activate the Autoplay feature, you can automatically go through the spins without having to swipe the reels for each round. What’s more, casino app players often benefit from additional features you would usually enjoy on your desktop computer.

You can aim for more winning combos with wild symbols and scatters will help you unlock bonus features or even multiply your winnings. You can also unlock bonus games and trigger free spins when you land on certain symbols – right in the palms of your hands!

Want more chances to win big on casino apps? No problem, head over to the progressive jackpot pokies like Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah and try to bag a big wad of cash while waiting for your daily sandwich.

Playing Pokies On the Go

Of course, the most obvious benefit of playing pokies on casino apps is the accessibility and convenience. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can fire up your app of choice and start spinning the reels. Just imagine winning a big sum of cash while waiting in line for coffee on a Monday morning – it really is as easy as that!

Another big benefit of playing on casino apps is that you can take advantage of the free spins and bonuses. Plenty of mobile casinos push some incredible bonuses and free spins especially for mobile players. That means you can use free spins to check out some amazing pokies with no risk to your own funds. Then, when you’re ready to play, make a deposit via the mobile cashier and carry on spinning those reels.

Some of the Best Mobile Pokies Around

While not every single pokie is available on mobile casinos just yet, plenty are. There’s no denying that software developer, NetEnt is taking the lead when it comes to first-class mobile casino app experiences, and that means pokies on the go. Think along the lines of some of the greatest titles around, like Blood Suckers, Jack Hammer 2 and the infamous and much-loved Starburst. These mobile pokies serve up crisp graphics, responsive reels and even an Autoplay function you can set into action with just a tap of your finger.

Starburst looks especially stunning on mobile devices. Playing this pokie on a casino app means you won’t have any issues setting your preferred coin size and wagering level. It really takes a few quick taps to get everything going and before you know it, those dazzling diamonds are popping on your screen, especially when you trigger re-spins and unlock rewards complete with exploding animations and fun sounds – all on your smartphone or tablet.

With NetEnt’s Jack Hammer 2 title, once you play on an app, you won’t want to go back! This is an ultra-smooth transition with sensational sound effects that are just as engaging through the app as they are on the casino’s desktop version. Best of all, gameplay is just so much easier to master on mobile. Tap the right spot to change or choose bet levels and coin values and spin the reels within seconds.

As for Blood Suckers, this vampire-themed pokie plays out beautifully through mobile casino apps. The eerie background noises and music are crisp, and the entire experience is simply superb.

Playing pokies on a casino app really couldn’t be easier, or more fun. But if you’re new to mobile gaming, you might need a few tips on how to get started on the go.

How to Play Pokies on Casino Apps

If you’re used to spinning reels on your desktop computer, you’ll get the hang of mobile pokies in no time at all. In fact, there’s very little difference other than it’s easier thanks to a few taps or swipes of the finger. Mobile pokies are usually available both for free and real-money play, so you can test out some titles before making real money wagers.

Since most casino apps are linked to desktop versions, if you’re already a registered player, you won’t need to register a separate account – that’s another convenient benefit! As soon as you open the app on your device, you can log in using your existing username and password. Then, you can grab those free spins on qualifying pokies and take part in all the action. Should you encounter any issues along the way, you can get in touch with customer support, no matter where you are or what time it may be.

What’s more, you can make deposits and withdraw your pokies winnings all through a casino app. From e-wallets to credit and debit cards and even pay by phone solutions, you can manage your bankroll effortlessly through the app.

Even More Amazing Benefits of Playing Mobile Pokies

As you can see, the benefits of spinning the reels on a casino app far outweigh any downfalls. Flexibility and convenience are the biggest pluses when it comes to playing your favourite pokies on your favourite mobile device. If luck happens to be on your side, you might even pocket a hefty win in some random place at some random time. Mobile pokies are a fabulous option if you’re short on time, allowing you to get the spins in on your way to work, waiting to go into a meeting or even calming your nerves in the dentist’s waiting room.

Diversity is also a big benefit of mobile pokies. Pokies are the most popular of all online casino games, which means operators make sure there are hundreds of options right at your fingertips.

From classic 3-reel variants to multi-line, super-immersive video pokies and humongous progressive jackpots, along with unique and popular titles, there’s certainly something for all kinds of pokies fans.

If you’re looking for ways to really ramp up your online casino experience without missing out on all the fun and thrills of playing pokies, it’s time for you to try playing pokies on casino apps!

Tips And Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming – The Future Of Gaming

While smartphones Mobile Gaminghave always been a popular gaming platform, they’ve never really been a threat to desktop and consoles until recently. Sometime during 2018, the use of mobile devices exploded when very popular games were launched for Android OS and iOS, and suddenly gaming on an Android and iPhone took on a new dimension. As mobile hardware keeps getting better and better, the gap between consoles and desktops is narrowing. Last year in an unprecedented move, two games with millions of fans were for the first time released for Android and iPhone.

Pinning down the exact date when mobile gaming began in earnest is not an easy task, but if we have to put a date to it, then it’s safe to assume that 1997 was the start. It was in fact, the year that Snakes became the first mobile gaming hit, much of a blinking pixel game and more for entertainment, it was never seen as anything other than a simple game which mobile phone users could pass some time with. Astonishingly, the past 20 years mobile gaming has moved from the simple game of Snakes to entire virtual worlds played in unison by thousands of fans throughout the world. It is now clear to all that the future of mobile gaming is the future of gaming.

There are hundreds of games available for mobile play but two epic games stand out as leaders. Fortnite and Playerunknown Battlegrounds, or PUBG as it is known amongst friends. Fortnite and PUBG have taken over the world by every teenager and young person. It’s cool and fashionable and in fact, there are 40 million Fortnite fans spread around the world and 200 million playing PUBG at any given time.

They are both multiplayer games and the game is more or less the same. They are both a mass online brawl where 100 players leap out and fight each other by finding secret weapons and items, rifles, traps and grenade launchers to use in the fight. It’s also possible to collect resources to allow for structures that can be built to hide in. As the match progresses, the playable area of the land keeps reducing and players are forced closer and closer together. Last man standing is the winner!

Fortnite and PUBG Accessories

With the games now being available for download for smartphones and tablets, gamers have reached new levels of gameplay with new skills having to be mastered. The screens are smaller and the touch controls can detract from the game itself. There are some accessories that are recommended to enhance gameplay.

Mobile Gaming Controllers

There is nothing that enhances mobile gameplay better than an external controller, because it frees up your device’s screen for an unobstructed view, and along with having more tactile and intuitive controls, it adds to the immersive experience. Smartphone game controllers are available in many sizes and shapes. You can opt for a small add on to add functionality for shooting games like PUBG, or a pocket sized controller to bring a totally immersive consoles.

For many gamers, the arrival of Fortnite and PUBG for mobile gaming created a very interesting change. Mobile gaming was always seen a simple and lacked any sense of credibility or invention, but these days, it has changed spectacularly and gaming on a mobile device is as much fun as can be had. The only disadvantage is that thumbing the screen all day leaves the player with numb thumbs. Investing in a mobile controller can make all the difference to the enjoyment and concentration of the game and transforms the smartphone, iPhone or tablet into a mobile gaming system with a design and button layout similar to traditional console controllers.

To find the best game controllers, functionality, control, response time and performance will ensure that the gamer is always ahead of their game. Instead of having just one way to interact with the game, a controller will offer multiple buttons and joysticks, a more accurate aim and faster reaction time.

Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones are also a must have accessory for mobile gaming, especially when you’re out and about. There are obvious benefits to using headsets for gaming, and the most important is the ability to concentrate on a game and hear the action no matter where you are are or how much background noise there is. Having your hearing enhanced is the key to staying alive in highly competitive games like Fortnite. A headset also affords you the luxury of playing anywhere without having to worry about disturbing others. Standard headphones are great but Bluetooth headsets are preferable as they free you up from distracting wires that can disrupt your grip.

Portable Power Banks

Mobile gaming has become so advanced, but playing for hours on end will drain your battery very quickly. An external power bank is a must for extended gameplay and to make sure your device suddenly turn off just before you win!

HDMI Cables

Thanks to massive technological leaps for both Android and iOS, processing power and graphics are better than ever. Game titles such as PUBG and Fortnite have impressive visuals to rival any console. Connecting a device to a television set goes a long way towards enhanced gameplay. There are devices available that can mirror their screen onto a TV without wires for example, features like AirPlay, Chromecast, or Smart View, to name a few. However a wireless connection tends to cause some lag and to avoid this, nothing beats an old-fashioned HDMI cable to connect your mobile to your TV or computer.

3D Headsets

A 3D or VR headsets is a must for mobile gaming as it allows you to design your very own virtual world and create objects and characters to interact with. A VR headset is compatible with both Android and iOS devices courtesy of an app, and usually comes with a course so as to learn the VR basics.

Tips For Gameplay – Fortnite

Use headphones – In battle royale games, the best tool you’ll ever have is your ability to hear things before you see them. If you’re using your mobile phone, you’ll need to turn off the volume if you’re playing in public. Epic Games anticipated this and added a visual indicator to give you a sense of where sounds are coming from on screen. However, it is recommended that you play Fortnite with headphone because the better the quality of your ear equipment, the better prepared you will be to get one on other players, and besides, using earphones will probably save your life a few times in match scenarios.

When you’re crossing a lot of ground, use auto run – As in most battle royale games, exploring space is what makes the games interesting but it also opens you up to attacks and attackers that pop up from anywhere. Using touch controls also means you might sacrifice your ability to see parts of the screen because you’re so busy using your thumbs to guide your character. To counteract this problem, Epic added an option that’s not in the PC or console version, but is included in the mobile version. The Auto-run feature is triggered by double-tapping the control stick on the left side of the screen. Your character will begin to run off in the direction they’re facing leaving you free to scan for loot or enemies.

To slow your game down – While auto running, if you swipe the screen your character will turn in a different direction allowing you time to get a look behind you. Use short quick runs and make frequent stops so that you can check out your surroundings.

The second battle royale game is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or better known as PUBG. Just like Fortnite, PUBG is now available for smartphone gameplay for Android and iOs and can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App store respectively.

As a thumb rule, never engage in an ongoing battle, you’ll have an ally until the enemy is dead and then your ally becomes your enemy. Let the heat die down and then march for the kill. Even if you only manage to kill a couple, you’re still going to finish in top 10 every single time. Always take cover behind boulders, trees and buildings, in case you’re being shot at from a distance and never hide in a shack around enemies. Newbies usually make this mistake, getting into a shack is easy but there’s no way out and a grenade will finish you off. Keep both guns reloaded at all times and remember that sometimes switching guns when you’ve run out of bullets is faster than reloading.

But by far the most important tip suggested by the Pro players is to not go for the kill, but try and survive. Wins matter more than kills and if you kill 10 characters but land up in 30th place, you’re still in 30th place! They also recommend to avoid crowded places when trying to find loot. If you’re new at the game, exposing yourself to a crowded area means risking dying, instead head for places nearby the crowded areas, you will be able to kill people coming out of the famous spots and loot from them.