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Free Online Casino Games

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Free Casino Games

There are plenty of free online casino games to be found on the internet, especially if you are living in New Zealand and playing in NZ$, as casinos these days have specific promotions and sometimes specific games for your country or region.

But before you register a real player account, it may be best first to play some free casino games to make sure that you enjoy the variety. All the best online casinos will offer guest play (free casino games) as well as real play (where you can play and win cold hard cash).

So if you want first to find out about free casino games, you have come to the right place.

Where to Play Free Casino Games

Where to go and what to do when you want to play free casino games? Simply look for an online casino that offers play in NZ$ and accepts players from New Zealand. Even if you’re just going to play for fun, the currency is a major factor as you may want to switch to a real money account eventually, so this will ensure that you don’t have to change casinos halfway through your play because the one you’re playing at doesn’t offer all currencies.

You can play free online casino games at any casino as they will have the option to register a free play account or a real play account. And all the games that are available to a real player will also be available to you as a guest player.

Well, for every rule there are a few exceptions: progressive jackpots are not available to guest players, as these games pay out huge jackpots (sometimes over a million), and every time a real player puts money into the game, a portion of this goes to the jackpot.

Let’s face it; it would be unfair if you play for fun and win a real jackpot amount – it would be unfair to the real players and you as you won’t be able to cash in on your winnings.

There are also free online casino games and pokies tournaments that can be played – often a small entry fee required. But with this fee, you can play for the chance to win a share of a big prize pool, so it can be beneficial to start playing for real money once you are used to the games.

The Benefits of Playing Free Casino Games

You want to play at an online casino, and you want to have that winning feeling – you even want to win real money, but you’re not sure about the experience that you will have. So what do you do? You first register a guest account of course, or a fun account as some players may refer to it.

This means that you will get the same experience as real players, but you are merely playing for fun. The casino gives you credits, to enjoy free online casino games and you can even “purchase” more if you run out. This gives you a taste of the quick and easy banking interface for when you make the switch to a real play account.

These free casino credits can be used to play any of the casino games, excluding the previously mentioned progressive jackpots, and you will have the same benefits as that of a real player on these games.

It’s, therefore, an excellent idea to first play for fun and test out all the games; who knows there might be one game that you enjoy! And when you register a real account, you can immediately start playing this game to reap the rewards and cash in on your winnings with your real play account.

Playing on Different Platforms

Many players think that when you register a guest/fun account, you won’t get the same benefits as a real player. But really the only difference is that you won’t be able to cash in any of your winnings, as it’s not real money that you’re playing with when you play with your guest account.

Anything that you can do as a real player, you can also do as a guest player. This includes:

Downloaded version vs. Flash version: As a guest player you can choose to either download the free casino software or play directly in your browser with the flash casino. On both versions you will need to register an account, so make sure that you register a guest account if you want to play for fun. You can always change this for a real account at a later stage. Many online casinos don’t have an option for guest play, though, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play in fun mode.

It simply means that when you register a real account, you will automatically receive a guest account number as well. So when you log into your account, you just need to click on Real or Guest, and you will immediately log into that particular account.

Desktop vs. Mobile: Playing on your PC at home is fun, but this means that you could restrict your gameplay to only playing from home. The answer is a mobile casino, which many online casinos already offer. With the mobile version, you can play on the go whenever you want to. Can you play in guest mode on your desktop and mobile? You bet! The same rules apply as with the previous option when it comes to registering an account – and you can play at home or on the go for fun or real money.

From Free Games to Real Money Games

You’ve played free online casino games; you have your favourites, and now you want to move on to play for real money. Is it easy enough? You will be asked to register a guest account or real account when you register your online casino account for the first time.

If you register a guest account, you will be asked every time you log in if you want to make the change to a real account. You then simply need to add a few more details for security reasons, and you are ready to go.

Your guest account will still be available to you for when you decide to play for a little bit of fun. Some casinos may not give you the option to register a guest account, but will add this automatically when you log into your real account.

So every time you log in, you will be asked whether you want to play in guest mode or real mode. It’s easy to make the switch from guest to real play, plus you can always go back!


Playing free online casino games is fun, and it will help you determine what games you enjoy.

You can play any game except the progressives, which is reserved for real players only. And when you are ready to become a real winner, you only need to switch to a real money account.

It’s quick and easy. You’ll have the freedom of playing the games and cashing in on your winnings, earning that cold hard cash. You’ll also be able to enter loads of tournaments and promotions where you can win even more real money. Play for free first, but keep in mind all the winning possibilities with a real money account.