Your Gambling Horoscope for Online Gaming in the Casino World

Understanding Online Gaming and Your Horoscope

Horoscopes for online gaming

Gambling and horoscopes are strangely interconnected. How you play could be dependant on your personality! Are you a risk taker or do you prefer to play it safe? Let us walk you through your horoscope and what it means for online gaming!

Aquarius, The Blessed One

Right from the start, Aquarians will feel right at home in the casino. For Aquarians lucrative games are those of deception and analytics, like blackjack and poker.

Pisces, The Imaginative One

There is not much versatility in the casino for a Piscean. They are filled with fantasy and imagination and so their strength is conservative gaming, like the video pokies machine.

Aries, The Stubborn One

Aries will usually stick to one type of game as they have a more aggressive style of luck. To take full advantage of this characteristics, Aries should stick to one game, the pokies machines. They are stubborn by nature and this will just enough to force the one arm bandit into submission.

Taurus, The Solid One

Taurus is very conservative, astute, solid and observant. Great characteristics for the more traditional casino games like card games and roulette. But to succeed Taurus must pick one game and focus on it with total dedication.

Gemini, The Impulsive One

Geminis should change their game plan in the casino. Instead of rash and impulsive and curious, Gemini needs to have more controlled and concentrated. Their best game is Craps.

Cancer, The Quiet One

Cancerians are not good in a casino as they dislike crowds and excessive noise. The quieter games will suit them, poker in particular. As soon as Cancerian gets comfortable, they will start winning elegantly.

Leo, The Powerful One

Leos are known to have a magnetic and powerful personality. The poker tables are perfect for them as they are hard to read and will get the best of their opponents even with s simple gaze. Even the dealer will feel the chill down his spine.

Virgo, The Analytical One

The casino was made for the Virgo to excel because of their calm, calculated and analytical personalities. A Virgo likes a good challenge, and this is why Blackjack is perfect for them.

Libra, The Colourful One

Libra players are a paradox because they dislike big and noisy places but love colourful visuals. Arcade games are usually a good fit for the Libra because once they are relaxed and get into the game, they will feel like they are at home.

Scorpio, The Hot-Blooded one

Assertive, restless and hot-blooded is the Scorpio. They usually go for the highest rushes and greatest sensations and a good game for them is Bingo. Just the very fact that they can stand up and roar BINGO! Will make a Scorpio very happy.

Sagittarius The Excited One

Sagittarius gamers need excitement. The Roulette table is exactly where they should be as here they will feel comfortable and able to play to their full potential.

Capricorn, The Disciplined One

The stubborn streak in a Capricorn will come out in the casino as they will have an even stronger desire to win. They are also very disciplined, and Baccarat is their game as their self-control will come in handy at every hand they play.