Huawei and Google Part Ways

Huawei Loses Android

By now, you’ve heard all about Google severing ties with Huawei in a move that may well threaten Huawei’s global ambitions and impact all huawei’s users who rely on the Android operating system. This of course threatens the way that many of our players interact with their casinos, so we thought we’d try clear up some of the confusion for those of our users who make use of their android phones to play casino games

Google has made the decision to stop licensing the Android operating system to the Chinese firm, in an effort to comply with a US trade blacklist. You’ll still be able to access the open-source version of Android, but soon you won’t be able to integrate Google services, like the app store, and this is sure to have implications on mobile casino gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions for Huawei Users

What Actually is Happening?

Firstly, the immediate consequence of Google’s actions is Huawei’s loss of access to Android updates. That means your current smartphone won’t receive any official Android OS updates from now on. As we’ve mentioned, reports tell us that Huawei will only have access to the open-source version of Android and will immediately miss out on access to proprietary apps and services. Which apps and services will be limited by this suspension are still under discussion, apparently, which means that right now, your online casino apps are okay. But that’s for now.

Meanwhile, Huawei has said they’re examining the impact of this US trade blacklist on its products. While the manufacturer can use the Android Open Source Project to develop software, the license doesn’t include apps like Chrome browser, YouTube and Gmail.

In terms of your on-the-go gaming, if you use your Gmail account for casino updates and promotions, you might miss out if you forget to check your PC regularly. Also, if you prefer playing through Chrome, it’s time to consider another browser. Fortunately, most mobile casino games are optimised for gameplay across a number of top internet browsers.

What are the Implications for Huawei Users?

Google has said they’re suspending all business activity with the Chinese manufacturer in terms of “non-public” transfers of software, hardware and even technical services. While the open source project is easy enough to modify and install without permission, all major vendors rely on a great deal of support from Google.

It’s important to understand that if you currently own a Huawei phone, you’re not going to find that you suddenly can’t install new apps or get the latest updates for Google services. The devices have already been certified under processes called the Vendor Test Suite and the Compatibility Test Suite. This means Google can provide Huawei with the latest versions of its products as well as authorise downloads from the Play marketplace, without having to deal directly with the Chinese manufacturer.

So, your casino apps are safe for now. But things get a little more complicated when it comes to the all-important security updates. Usually, Google gives Android device manufacturers the code for software fixes around a month or so before it even reveals details to the public about any vulnerabilities.

In turn, Android phone makers have enough time to check the patches won’t cause any problems for their own proprietary software and then they get to work packaging a customised version of the fixes as a download for users.

Now, Huawei will only learn of the patches the same day they’re released to the Android Open Source Project and as a result, there’ll be a lag before they distribute them. Theoretically, that means that in a situation where a serious flaw is revealed, Huawei devices will be exposed for days or even weeks.

What has Huawei Said About the Situation?

It can all sounds rather daunting, but you don’t need to stop using your Huawei phone. In fact, your smartphone will carry on operating as normal right now. Huawei has said they’ll continue providing security updates and even after-sales services to existing tablet and smartphone products, covering all those devices that have been sold or as still in stock around the world.

What About Google Access?

You won’t lose complete access to Google, either, and that includes various Google apps and Google Assistant. You will even continue to receive app updates on your existing smartphone since app updates are delivered by Google Play’s west team.

You’ll also continue to receive those security updates for now. Huawei has said it will go through the Open Source project and that the manufacturer has a middling track record for delivering monthly updates that Google releases. So, you’re likely to still receive a similar level of service with security updates delivered at pretty much the same pace right now.

What About Future Huawei Smartphones?

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Will I be charged sales tax for online orders?

As for the future, new Huawei products to hit the market won’t receive propriety services from Google until such times as the trade blacklist is lifted. So, if you buy a new Huawei smartphone or tablet, you won’t get access to YouTube, Google Chrome and Gmail as these require commercial licenses.

For now, Huawei has two options – make full use of Google’s Android Open Source Project and get to work developing its very own operating system, which is going to take a huge amount of research and development. Either way, it’s a big blow to one of the largest smartphone companies on the planet.

It’s worth noting, though, that Huawei has already been making preparations for the time it loses access to software from US bigwigs like Microsoft and Google, and reports suggest the manufacturer has already taken steps to start developing an in-house operating system as an Android alternative. They’ve said they’ll continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, but sustainability is surely key.

For now, your casino apps are safe, and you can continue to play through your phone’s browser if you prefer. But it may well be time to consider an alternative to Chrome if that’s what you use, and perhaps a different email address to Gmail for your casino marketing content to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest bonuses and promotions.

Even if Huawei is quick to develop its own software, it will take quite some time for even the biggest casino brands to jump on board, so maybe you’ll want to consider a different brand when your next phone upgrade comes around.