Play The Most Popular Pokies on Your iPhone

The arrival of HTML5 in the modern world means smartphone and iPhone users, can now play pokies on their iPhones!

The latest mobile online casinos we list below, all offer and support a version made specifically for the iPhone. So you can be sure you’ll get a great gaming experience on your device. Enjoy our real money pokies on your iPhone from our wide selection of casinos below.


With its streamlined design and powerful processor, the iPhone is the greatest way to play these games in a way that maximizes their graphics so that you enjoy them as if it was designed specially for iPhones. Move over Android, because there is no better option for a mobile casino gaming experience than Apple’s world class smartphone.

Now finding a casino in New Zealand that gets it and takes advantage of all of the power offered by your iPhone, that’s another story. There are all sorts of consideration to take into account as you start to look:

  • Does the site actually optimize its apps and mobile browser to the screen width of the phone
  • Are there apps for a site readily available to download from the official App store
  • Is the site secure? Especially as you’re storing your financial information

Don’t get discouraged if all of this seems a little daunting to you because we are here to help!

What we look at before recommending any mobile casinos

  • Mobile responsiveness and native games for your iPhone
  • Ensuring you can get your winnings lightning fast and replenish your online bankroll from you iPhone with a few swipes
  • Lightweight websites and apps so your phones data is not clogged
  • Mobile casinos catered specifically for New Zealanders

Getting your iPhone Set up to Play Mobile Casino Games

There are two primary ways that users can use their iPhone to access top online gambling sites in NZ, Through a dedicated app, downloaded through the official App Store or by using Safari and just loading the mobile version of the casino.

While some sites do provide their users with access to apps in the App store, which you can download and run just like any other app, many of the best casino sites don’t have anything in the App Store. We’ve found this provides users with an easier way to access their favorite mobile pokies games.

Instead of requiring players to install big and slow to download mobile applications, these sites instead offer their games through a responsive mobile browser version which has been designed specifically to work on your iPhone.

Finding a pokies site which has been made specifically for iPhones

Another reason for the fact that there aren’t many dedicated apps for iPhone is the fact that, like all of us, they get frustrated with Apple’s release of new model after new model every year. All of which have new features and often new software specs which make designing games and programming them a headache.

For this reason, it is important to check that a given app has been designed specifically for the model of iPhone you are using as screen size and aspect ratio varies between devices.

If you want to get the most out of your mobile gaming experience, you need to be using an app that will use the specs designed specifically for your iPhone.

By running the wrong version of the app, the graphics fluidity and quality is likely to suffer and this could potentially affect not only how much you enjoy the game but also how much money you can make in a poky session that requires you to be able to see what is going on.

Our top tips and tricks before you start using your iPhone at online gambling sites

There are a lot of benefits to using your iPhone as a way to play mobile games from top online pokies sites. For one, you don’t need to take the time to pull out your Mac or PC to be able to play your favorite games, all you need to do is pull it out of your pocket and with a few swipes you can be moving around without being tethered to a bulky laptop.

Something to keep in mind, while you can play whenever and wherever you like if your not connected to wi-fi, like any other Internet app, you’ll be using your phone’s mobile data and as such will need to factor that in as you play.

You don’t want to run into your mobile data cap and then have your overage charges eat into your profit or cut out just when you are about to win big. Be conscious of your data use through your mobile casino gaming and plan accordingly.

Ensure the mobile pokies site you are visiting has a security certificate. As with desktop gaming, so that your financial information stays where you want it and you don’t risk financial data from being compromised just because a site was too cheap to pay for the security it needed to stop it from happening.

Our picks for New Zealand’s best iPhone friendly online casino sites

Our team of experts, many of whom are die-hard Apple fans, have taken it upon themselves to test and retest every one of the online gambling sites across New Zealand using just about every mobile device known to man.

Whether its iPhone 6, 5 or 4 we have figured out which sites offer the best pokies experience for our readers.

If you choose a site from our list, we are sure that you will be swiping your way into the next tax bracket, all on your trusty iPhone.