Mobile Pokies Review Guide; How to Spot Safe Mobile Casinos

How to Spot Safe Online Casinos

Online and mobile casinos provide incredible entertainment and the chance to wager on thousands of games from the comfort of home. Some casinos even accept cryptocurrency payments and others provide live casino games that feel as though you’ve transported right into the heart of a land-based casino floor.

Yet not all of them are safe online casinos. Underneath the myriad of online casinos is a crop of unscrupulous operators designed to steal from unsuspecting players. Sure, the websites look legit. They have plenty of games and bonuses, even. But, as soon as you make a deposit, your money is gone.

How to Spot Safe Mobile Casinos

So, how can you tell a safe casino from a not-safe casino online? Here are our top tips.

4 Ways to Differentiate Safe Online Casinos from Unscrupulous Platforms

1. Take a Look at the Domain Name

Fake websites often use a domain name that is very similar to a safe, legitimate casino. For instance, a scam casino could call itself in an effort to disguise itself from the legitimate casino called Just by changing a word or letter, the two domain names sound the same and look pretty much the same, yet the scam casino still tries to lure in unsuspecting players with the promise of enticing bonuses and plenty of slot and table games.

The key is to double-check a domain name before you deposit your own money. Fake sites can create impressive interfaces and you may not realise where you are until you take a closer look at the domain name.

2. Check Out the Age of the Company

Most illegitimate casinos don’t last long. The average scam site usually lasts for 12 months or less. Here’s what they do: for the first six months they put aggressive marketing tactics to work to draw you in. from bonuses to free spins, they do what they can to get players to sign up.

During the first couple of weeks, the site seems pretty normal. They process your withdrawals and send you regular communication to build up legitimacy. Then, they stop processing withdrawals and start stealing your money. Eventually, the site disappears from the world wide web.

3. Take a Look at the Platform

There are some scam casinos that invest enough to disguise their websites, but most don’t. The average unscrupulous site publishes is a hurry. Important pages like Terms and Conditions and Contact US may be there, but they will be sparsely populated.

If you click onto a casino that has very little contact information and is riddled with low-quality images and poor grammar, that’s a big red flag. Top-quality casinos are designed to impress and present you with every detail you may need to know.

4. Go Through Online Reviews

A casino with tons of negative reviews is probably not one of the safe online casinos. If 9 out of 10 reviews say the casinos doesn’t process transactions – listen and stay well away.

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing and safe online casinos out there with legit bonuses and tons of immersive, trustworthy and fair gameplay.