The New Zealand Online Gaming Business: Fun Facts Worth Knowing
Need to Know Online Casino Tips
Need to Know Online Casino Tips

The New Zealand Online Gaming Business: Fun Facts Worth Knowing

New Zealanders have always been big fans of casino games, and that’s not about to change anytime soon. Even the local government has remained loyal to the New Zealand online gaming business.
Interestingly, one of the first types of betting in the country was horse racing. The Kiwis made their first wager as far back as the 19th Century. The very first bets were made by Kiwis way back in the nineteenth century. In fact, horse racing remained legal even when the first gambling law was issued in the country in 1908. The law aimed to veto the entire casino gaming business, with the exception of horse races. Even today, horse racing is an extremely popular past time among New Zealanders.

Today, pokies are extremely popular with Kiwi players, especially at online casinos where you can place your bets and spin the reels without having to leave home. Some of the most popular pokies include:

Game of Thrones
Ninja Magic
Big Chef
Fish Party
Bar Bar Black Sheep

The Legal Side of New Zealand Online Gaming

The country is relatively loyal to the business of gaming. This doesn’t mean that the industry isn’t legally regulated. The main law regulating the casino industry in New Zealand is called the Gambling Act of 2003. The act classifies all types of betting into four different categories according to risks to society and financial costs.
Online casino play seems to be growing in popularity every year. Thanks to faster internet speeds and rapid advances in technology, it is easier than ever before to access your favourite casino games, be it Blackjack, Roulette, sic bo, or the ever-popular game of poker.

In 2015, New Zealand players spent a grand total of $2,091 billion on their favourite casino games. This proves the industry will continue to grow.

The Business of Online Casino Play

When it comes to online casinos, the entire business is quite interesting. Even though there’s a loyal attitude towards traditional forms of casino gaming, authorities in the country ban the organisation of online casinos in New Zealand.
According to the country’s regulations, online casino operators are located outside the country, but this doesn’t mean Kiwis have any difficulties as there is the chance to choose among some of the best international casino operators around the world, many of whom cater for your New Zealand Dollars and preferred banking methods.
All servers are based abroad, this means all winnings are exempt from income taxes. So, you can cash out – and enjoy – the entire amount. Withdrawals are straightforward, and all banking options offered are safe and legal in New Zealand. All you have to do is decide which method you want to use.

Bonus Fun Facts

Just one percent of Kiwi players play casino games more than once a week, and just ten percent play every week. The majority of players are between the ages of 55 and 64 and are male.
Are you amongst the Kiwis that love casino games?