What Does Your Online Casino Game Says About You?

What Your Online Casino Game Says About You

What Your Online Casino Game Says About You

You can learn quite a bit about someone from the simplest of things, their favourite drink, their pizza topping, and even their favourite online casino game. From pokies to cards, your game of choice says a great deal about who you are!

Just for fun, let’s see if we’re on point with these personality analyses.

Your Online Casino Game Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Online Pokies

As a pokies lover, you’re the master of zen. You’re deeply spiritual and practice mindfulness. You love meditation and repetition, both of which lull you into a trance and help you transcend to a higher plane of being. Or, you just like the cool TV and movie-themed pokies out there and the chance to win some serious money. Also, who can resist all those awesome bonus features, progressive jackpots and immersive animations?


You’re one cool customer. You love leather jackets and you rock sunglasses indoors. You’re nonchalant. You’re the James Dean of the year 2018.


You’re either really good at poker, a fraternity member or someone who wandered into the online casino menu on a whim and joined a poker table because it’s just something you know.

Either way, you probably don’t do limitations. Hopefully, you’ll win enough money to buy yourself a cool kid’s leather jacket or a pair of poker-face sunglasses for the next time you log on.


Well, hello there, classy player. You choose baccarat because you’re sophisticated and worldly – you’re all that and more even for knowing what baccarat actually is. You may even know a few other fancy French words.


Oh, you’re so fancy. You’re the creative kid around the table, the one that likes a little recklessness now and again. You may be a bit impulsive, perhaps even a little bit restless. You enjoy doing things with a flourish.


You spin me right round, baby! You’re one of those people who’s first in line for the latest roller coasters and you won’t even throw up. You love rotating restaurants and you never get anxious or nauseous. You’d also rather skateboard, bike or drive rather than use those two good legs.

Pai Gow

You were born in the wrong era, you old soul. You feel like you’d be more comfortable in a lavish 1920s ballroom complete with floor length gown and all the right, classy moves.


You’re either over 70 or pretending to just indulge in a bit of rhyming number fun. Whatever the reason, you’ve got a pocket full of colourful stampers and you’re ready to roll.

Not sure what your online casino game identity is? Not sure which popular games really embody your spirit? It’s an easy enough philosophical question to answer. Just head on over to your online casino of choice and start spinning reels, rolling the dice or flipping those cards to discover who you really are!