Online Casino Regulations Worth Knowing About

Online Casino Regulations Worth Knowing About

Online casino gaming is a big industry. There are more than 70 countries on our globe legalising and regulating the industry to ensure it is easy to access and safe for players within the country’s borders. But, online casino regulations and rules differ from one country to the next and if you’re off on your travels soon and still want to play our slots or table games, it’s worth knowing about the local laws.

Online casino rules and regulations

New Zealand Rules

There’s somewhat of a peculiar policy down under. Back in 2003, the Gambling Act was passed that is certainly a little odd in its wording. There is one paragraph that forbids remote interactive gaming. This means that taking a bet telephonically or logging onto an online casino can be somewhat limited.

While the wording seems confusing, it’s perfectly legal for Kiwis to play at online casinos provided the operator is overseas.

Online Casino Regulations in the UK

Home of many well-loved and well-known online casinos, the UK is an excellent example of top-notch legislation. There are plenty of regulations and rules along with a myriad of conditions that must be met before an operator is granted a license. This means anyone playing at UK online casinos is well protected and has a fair and decent chance of winning at table games, slots and dice games.

The only restriction posed on players is that you must be 18 years or older to open a new player account with a casino operator.

It’s All A-Change in Sweden

At the moment, Sweden’s laws are peculiar to say the least, with just one licensed operator monopolising the industry. Fortunately, the country is in the process of moving towards a license distributing model earmarked for early next year. What’s more, the country hopes to start taxing casino operators. Players can look forward to a wider selection of games in the years to come.

American Online Casino Gaming

America’s relationship with online casino games (and land-based casinos for that matter) is muddled. Some states allow casinos whereas others have strict laws against gambling. Yet, there isn’t a federal law against betting. So, it seems that the laws change from one state to the next. As a rule of thumb, though, and just like New Zealand, players are allowed to bet on international online casinos. Sports betting is completely illegal at federal level, though.

Germany’s Laws on Casinos

In 2008, Germany put an all-out ban on internet casino gaming when they implemented the Interstate Treaty on Gambling. However, after encouragement from the European Union, the treaty was amended with about 20 licenses that casinos could apply for. To date, though, no licenses have been granted. In 2012, Germany’s most northern state, Schelswig-Holstein implemented its own casino gaming laws and issued 50 licenses before signing the same treaty as all other states a year later. The licenses that had been issued were not revoked so there are a few that operate within a grey area.

It seems that casino rules and regulations are not set in stone and it’s always interesting to keep an eye on changing legislation around the globe.