Guide: Online Casino Payment Methods

Casino Payment Methods

Online Casino Payment Options
Online Casino Payment Options
Many players in New Zealand prefer to play at an online casino. Whether they simply play for fun or real money, sooner or later they’ll want to deposit and win some cash. That’s where we come in, to advise you on the online casino payment methods.

So what do you do when you register a real account and want to deposit your money to start playing? And how will the casino pay your winnings? We will discuss some of the best payment options to use at an online casino.

All the best online casinos will have these banking mechanisms available. They will also cater specifically for players from New Zealand. Let’s take a look at some of the best options to use if you’re playing in NZ$.

Credit Cards

One of the most popular methods is credit and debit cards, as these have become the norm for online purchases. It’s quick, safe, efficient and all approved transactions are automatically credited to your casino account. There is one downfall with credit cards. Not all banks allow gaming transactions and might, therefore, reject your deposit.

Should this happen, you can either wait for a few minutes between deposits or try depositing in different increments as it might still go through. Alternatively, you can contact your bank and find out what their stance is on online gaming transactions.

But never give up on your entertainment dreams, because online casinos also have loads of alternative payment options available, and some of these web wallets and prepaid solutions will suit a player from New Zealand even better than using a credit card. Here are some of these options.


Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, is a virtual web wallet that enables any player with an email address to send and receive payments online, in real time. It only takes a few minutes to create an account with Skrill, plus you can choose from 40 currencies. You can use your Skrill account to make deposits at an online casino, and you can use it to withdraw any of your winnings. And all you need is an email address to register your Skrill account.

Online Casinos have recognised that many players’ credit card purchases are being rejected and have therefore integrated Skrill as one of the top payment options for players in New Zealand. Because of this, and also to make players more aware of this alternative payment option, many online casinos will offer players a specific offer when using their Skrill account to make their deposits (for example, 20% cash back with their first deposit, etc.).

Instant Banking

Instant Banking is powered by CitadelDirect and allows you to use your bank account to make online payments. All transactions are handled directly with your bank so that you can be assured of enhanced security and privacy.

Instant Banking was launched in 2000 by CitadelDirect and has quickly become one of the most trusted and reliable payment options to use. All you need to do when making a deposit at an online casino is to choose Instant Banking in the Banking menu at the online casino. Then select your bank from the drop-down menu and log into your bank to select the account you would like to make the payment from.

The payment will immediately be approved (provided there are funds available) and you can start playing your favourite casino games immediately. Instant Banking can be used in more than 20 countries, including New Zealand, and you are only required to be at least 18 years old and have a bank account. Do note that there’s a charge of 1.50 units of your local currency for any transaction that you make, but if you consider the hassles of a credit card payment that might reject, this is a much more convenient way to deposit and start playing immediately.


POLiNZ is offered by several large New Zealand banks and will let you make instant online bank transfers to your casino account. It’s safe and secure, and you will be in control as to how much you want to spend. POLi is part of Merco Limited, which was founded in 2009 and is responsible for all sales, marketing, and support of POLiNZ.

POLiNZ is a great method to use for players without credit cards, or whose credit cards are being rejected at online casinos by their banks. It’s also a good alternative for players who prefer not to use their credit cards for any online payments. It’s quick and easy to use, and you don’t have to register an account to use POLiNZ, which means no additional passwords to remember.

All you need to do when you log into your casino account to make a deposit is to go to the Banking interface, select POLi, choose your bank and then log in. POLiNZ will populate the payment details, and you will simply need to confirm. POLiNZ is completely safe and secure as this method never captures information like your username and password – it has also been reviewed by Secure Assessments to ensure that it meets all security standards.


NETELLER is a virtual web wallet which will enable you to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your casino account. NETELLER was founded in 1999 by Paysafe Financial Services Limited and still helps customers today to get their money where it needs to go, securely and privately. Authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, NETELLER maintains the highest standards across its business.

To become a NETELLER member, you simply need to register an account, and you will then be able to use your NETELLER account at any online casino of your choice, plus you can make deposit and withdrawals using NZ$. You will also qualify for exclusive NETELLER promotions at certain casinos and will automatically be part of the NETELLER Reward Points Programme, where you will earn points every time you use your NETELLER account – these points can be redeemed for cash. For players in New Zealand, NETELLER is a great alternative to use at their favourite online casino, plus it’s accepted worldwide.


The payment methods mentioned above options are only a drop in the ocean as there are plenty more that you can choose from when making a deposit or withdrawal at your online casino. Other payment options include EntroPay, which is a prepaid and reloadable virtual Visa or MasterCard, EcoCard, a virtual web wallet, INSTADEBIT, and EziPay.

Once you have selected your favourite online casino and registered an account, you can go to the Banking section of the casino and click on “Deposit” to transfer money to your gaming account. All the above options should be available to you, and you simply need to choose your preferred payment option.

Credit and debit cards can be rejected. Prepaid solutions and web wallets will be approved immediately. If you’ve won at an online casino? Simply repeat the process and click on “Withdrawal” to have your money paid to you.

A side note on withdrawals. Some casinos may not be able to pay winnings to your preferred payment option. Therefore they’ll ask you to select an alternative option.