Book of Ra

Book of Ra – Relatively simple and ideal for the new player

Book of Ra

Book of Ra was one of the first pokies of its type, if not the very first. There have since been quite a few Ancient Egyptian themed games, including several sequels to this original from game developer Novomatic.

The format is a familiar one, with the play area consisting of five-reels and three-rows. There is a maximum of nine paylines. The player can choose how many and which of the paylines will be active at any time. The more paylines you have active, the greater your chances of winning. You can see a list of the paylines on the pay table.

It’s a relatively simple pokie but, to be honest, that’s a sign of the times. After all, the game is a bit of an old-timer, having been around since 2015. But simple can be good, especially for the newbie slot player, right? As it happens, more experienced players love it too.

This pokie has a period adventure theme, with an Indiana Jones type character at its core, trying to uncover the secret treasure of the ancient pharaohs. Actually, the Book of Ra is based upon Ancient Egyptian mythology, or history if you have the faith! Ra was the god of all Egyptian gods and is recognised as the god of the sun. It is said that he was responsible for the creation of all things living and that humans were created from Ra’s tears and sweat, which is a nice thought! Anyway, he was a pretty important dude, so his book is clearly worth a few dollars! Find the Book of Ra and you are likely to discover the Pharaohs’ treasures.

The scatter symbol for the game is the Book of Ra itself, which replaces any of the other symbols. If you get three or more, the bonus feature is triggered and you get ten free spins. Even free spins can yield as many as five scatters, which can deliver as much as $750 in winnings from a $1.50 bet. And then the Book of Ra symbols open up and display randomly selected symbols, to potentially reveal even more winning combinations. Now you can see why Book of Ra is popular with experienced players as well newbies.

The game is considered to be the flagship game of its developer, Novomatic. The company was founded way-back in 1980, producing physical cabinet games, before the advent of the digital age. In fact, they still do. Their catalogue of games, including pokies, table-games, and others, extends to almost 500 choices.

Game Theme

Book of Ra is a period scenario. Think of Indiana Jones and you’re pretty close. We’re in Egypt, searching for the Book of Ra, which contains ancient secrets that will reveal untold treasures that once belonged to the bygone Pharaohs. The symbols reflect the theme, as do the graphics and the soundtrack. You pretty much get what you would expect from such a game.

Game Features

There are limited features, due to the age and intended simplicity of the game. There are Wilds and Scatters and a Free Spin feature. There is also a Gamble feature for those who really fancy their chances.

And the Autospin feature will let you sit back and let the game do all the work.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are represented by the Book of Ra itself. If three or more appear, they activate free spins and then each Book of Ra opens up to reveal a random symbol that can further deliver more paylines and more wins.

Wild Symbols

The Wild Symbols are revealed when the Book of Ra randomly opens after it has delivered your free spins. It could be any of the other symbols, which could then deliver further winning pay lines.

Free Spins

Free Spins are activated when three or more Book of Ra symbols appear. You get ten free spins that can deliver more Book of Ra symbols and, potentially, more spins. And on it can go, with the eventual possibility of a very big payout.

Gamble Feature

Not for the faint-hearted, you have the chance to double your pay-out. It’s quite simple. When you win, you can press the Gamble button on the dashboard. You will be presented with a playing card, face down. All you have to do is choose either the red or black button, which you’ll see on either side of the card. It’s double or nothing. If you’ve chosen correctly, you double your winnings. If not, you lose them.

Pay Table

The Pay Table can be found by clicking the appropriately labelled button on the dashboard. There, you will find all the symbols, including our intrepid Indiana Jones-type character, along with other symbols representing typical artefacts you might expect to find on an archaeological dig in Egypt. Our explorer has the greatest value, while the others are valued in descending order. Finally, there are symbols representing the playing cards, ace, king, queen, jack and ten.

Jackpot Size

The jackpot is a whopping $25,000. Now that’s a lot in anyone’s reckoning.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

The minimum bet you can make is $0.02, but the actual bet you make is a factor of your chosen coin value and the number of paylines you have activated. For example, if you have chosen a coin value of $0.05 and you have chosen to activate nine paylines, your bet per spin will be $0.45. Of course, the more paylines you choose, the better your odds of winning. The maximum bet you can place per line is $5. So if you are playing with all nine paylines active, your maximum bet would be $45.


Graphics are relatively flat and poor on this pokie, but that could be down to its age. Rather than being upgraded significantly, Book of Ra has spawned a number of successors. But why change what isn’t broken? The game is still immensely popular as it is.

Book of Ra is available on all platforms, including the desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone, meaning that you can play it practically anywhere, just as long as you have a reasonable internet connection. So, at your desk, in your bed, on the bus, half time at the rugby, or in the bath – you can play just about anywhere.

We’re told that the game’s RTP (Return to Player) rate is 96%. In case you are not sure what this means, put in other terms, for every $100 that is bet, $96 will be returned to the players. Of course, not everyone gets $96, as some players will win more than others. It’s an average taken across all players.


Book of Ra is one of the all-time favourite pokies. It has a nice theme, if a little short on graphics. It’s easy to understand and navigate, and can yield pretty big winnings. It comes with the years of experience from developer Novomatic, so is very reliable. This pokie is highly recommended for both novice and expert.