Dead or Alive 2

Dead or Alive 2 – Wild West action on your smartphone

This trip into the lawless Old West was developed by NetEnt and initially released in 2009 as Dead or Alive. The new version, Dead or Alive 2, uses somewhat different programming and is playable on all standard mobile devices. The improved graphics feature Billy the Kid, Belle Star, Jesse James, and Della Rose as featured outlaws. Whiskey bottles, cowboy hats, six-guns, cowboy boots, and sheriff badges are featured as symbols in this pokie game.

Dead or Alive 2 has five reels and three rows. It has up to 9 play lines. The game takes wagers a low a $0.01 per line up to $10 per line. Win three free spins by getting the bull skull with two six-guns symbol. Its three free spins in the High Noon Saloon feature increase in number as more wild symbols occur and the multiplier goes up as well. You may think that you have come upon a stash of robbed treasure when you payout goes to more than 100,000 times your bet in a spectacular series of free spins.

Dead or Alive 2 Game Theme

This updated pokie that works on your smartphone or tablet as well as at home on your PC follows a Wild West theme uses characters from the American frontier in the second half of the 19th century. The graphics on Dead or Alive 2 are sharp and the game executes cleanly on your mobile device with any standard operating system. The sounds are consistent with what we might have heard, especially in a saloon in the lawless frontier. In that era, you went “West” to seek adventure and your fortune. And, while some found a little bit of treasure, others found much more. This fact is carried through in the Dead or Alive 2 game theme when you get three scatter symbols and move on to the free games. Some players will be happy to win on a couple of lines during the three free spins and other will gain multipliers and more free spins as though they had discovered Jesse James’ buried treasure from an old bank robbery!

Wild Symbols

The wild symbols in Dead or Alive 2 are the outlaws.

  • Reel 1: Apache the Kid
  • Reel 2: Della Rose
  • Reel 3: Jesse James
  • Reel 4: Belle Star
  • Reel 5: Billy the Kid

Each of these will match any other symbol except the scatter symbol. And, if you get these five famous outlaws on a playline you will collect 166.66 times your wager on that line.

Wild symbols always match other symbols on the same pay line to complete a sequence and provide a win. Some multiply the win and some don’t. The wild symbols in Dead or Alive 2 during the free spins both add to the multiple of wins on that spin and all following spins and also add more free spins.

Because Dead or Alive 2 is a nine pay line game, a wild symbol can match three separate symbols on the same spin! You must need to be an outlaw to find this sort of action in a pokie!

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are what the name implies. They pay or provide other benefits like free spins, even though they are scattered across the screen and not all on the same pay line. The scatter symbol in Dead or Alive 2 is the skull of a steer and a pair of six-guns. It takes three to provide free spins and the number of free spins goes up from 3 with three scatters to a dozen with five scatter symbols. Also, the payout for the scatter symbols goes up with the number that you get and when you get five scatters on a spin, the game pays 2,500 times your bet.

Free Spins

Just as Jesse James and his gang lived for the next bank robbery and riches, players of Dead or Alive 2 play for the riches of the free spins bonus. Depending on the number of scatters you receive, you will be awarded three to a dozen free spins. And, it does not stop there. Every time you get a wild symbol during a free spin it not only matches other symbols top provide a win but also adds to your free spins and to your multiplier of that and subsequent wins.

Here is where the game gets really exciting because the same 2,500 multiplier for getting five scatters not only gives you more spins and an increased multiple but could result in a win like 25,000 times your bet! Who said that crime does not pay?

Three free spins in this game come in three varieties, the Train Heist, Old Saloon, and High Noon Saloon versions. Train Heist is the basic where a wild symbol adds both a multiple (up to 16) and another free game. The Old Saloon version has a two times multiple on wins and 5 more free spins if you get five outlaws at once. The High Noon Saloon is the biggest payer as sticky wilds have two times and three times multipliers, and more than one wild on a playline creates multiple times multiple. The highest possible payout is 40,500 times your bet! There is, however, a cap of 111,111 times your original bet as the limit when playing this feature.

Dead or Alive 2 Pay Table

To see the paytable for Dead or Alive 2 just click the “i” icon. Based on a bit of $0.01 per line, the lower level symbols (10 to Ace) pay from $0.02 to $0.10 for three matching symbols and from $0.25 to $1 for matching five symbols on a playline. The sheriff, six gun, cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and whiskey bottle all pay better, starting at $0.010 for three bottles to $10 for five sheriff’s stars. Five wilds play $15.00.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

Dead or Alive 2 is a nine-line game that allows bets from $0.01 to $1 per line or $0.09 to $9 per spin.


NetEnt developed this game in 2009 as Dead or Alive and revamped it as Dead or Alive 2 with fancier graphics, sound, and other features. It is playable on any mobile device with a standard operating system like iOS, Android, or Windows.


We always liked Dead or Alive and especially like Dead or Alive 2 when we can play it on our smartphone or tablet any place where there is an internet connection. This pokie game follows its Wild West theme very nicely with the appropriate symbols, sharp graphics, and sound. And, the free spins feature gives you three choices which is rather nice. In any event, the free spins hold the promise of untold riches and you do not even need to put a bandana over your face and go rob a train or a bank to go get rich in Dead or Alive 2.