Narcos Slot Game

Narcos Slot Game Review – action-packed mobile pokie game

The idea for the Narcos slot game comes directly from the Netflix show and before that from Colombia of the Escobar era. This game offers 243 ways to win on five reels and three rows featuring free spins, walking wild symbols, and a unique “locked up” bonus. Fans of the Netflix series will enjoy the game and identify with the characters. But, you don’t need to be a Netflix fan or have even heard about the Narcos show to enjoy the Narcos slot game.

This fast-paced game plays as well on your tablet or smartphone as it does on your home PC. The game plays with bets ranging from $0.20 to $400 a spin, making the high-end bets compatible with those made by a Colombian drug lord of the Medellin Cartel (Pablo Escobar). The so-called “walking wilds” appear on one spin and then “walk” one reel to the left on each subsequent spin.

The game takes a somewhat light-hearted view of the violence of the Escobar era. For example, in the randomly-occurring drive-by shooting feature, anything that the bullets hit is turned into a wild. Appropriately, Pablo Escobar’s mug shot is the scatter symbol that triggers the “locked up” feature. This is a fun game that does not dwell on the violence so much as fast-paced action.

Narcos Game Theme

The storyline or theme of the Narcos pokie game is the same as for the Netflix series. It is the rise and fall of the Pablo Escobar, Medellin drug cartel in Colombia in the 1970s and its eventual downfall. The game symbols are consistent with this theme as character sketches of actors in the Netflix series portray real-life persons in that era. The game features lots of money, bullets, and attempts to capture Escobar all culminating in the arrest of Escobar (more than once). Money flows like drugs in this action-packed game and hopefully, some of the riches flow into your pocket!

The game follows the theme pretty well down to the mariachi music in the background and the fact that you can lose as well as win on any given spin is consistent with the rates of failure as well as success in those days of the drug trade.

Game Features

Narcos plays on five reels and three rows but it pays out 243 ways. That means that if a symbol is anywhere one first three, four, or all five reels, it pays. Many players prefer this system as it means they don’t have to worry about specific pay lines. When a wild symbol shows up in Narcos, it stays on the screen for the next spin but it “walks” one reel to the left. These “walking wilds” are a nice feature because as they move to the left, the chances of completing a match with two other symbols and causing a win go up. Narcos has a free spins bonus and it occurs, appropriately, when Pablo Escobar gets locked up. When three of his mug shots show up in a row, the “locked up” bonus starts. The drive-by shooting is a random feature in which a car pulls an and a gunman starts shooting. Any high-value targets turn into wilds providing a good chance for a big win.

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol in Narcos is a police badge. This symbol can substitute for any other symbol except the Escobar mug shot and scatter symbol. Wild symbols can occur with any spin and in the “drive-by shooting” feature where stray bullets that hit other symbols turn them into extra wild symbols thus greatly increasing the odds of a win or two or three.

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol in Narcos is the central character of the game, the Netflix series, and the Colombian drug trade in the 1970s, Pablo Escobar. When three mugshots Pablo line up side by side on the screen, the “locked up” free spins begin.

Scatter symbols come in all kinds and shapes from ones where more symbols increase the number of free spins to ones where the payout is greater. In the case of Pablo and the locked up bonus, three mugshots side by side does the trick.

Free Spins

The goal in real life was to get Escobar locked up and that was the goal in the Netflix series as well. As you play the Narcos pokie game it is your worthy goal as well. But, in your case, you hope to make money in the process.

When you start the bonus there is an instant cash payout. When you enter the free spins of the locked-up bonus you only see locked up symbols and golden cases. The golden cases open with more cash prizes, win multipliers, or more free spins. If you get enough multipliers, free spins, and cash prizes, you may think that you have stumbled onto a cash hoard left behind by the infamous Colombian drug lord.

And, because walking wilds can occur on the bonus spins, the bonus spins will not be over until the last walking wild had “walked” off the left side of the screen!

Bonus Levels

There are no extra bonus levels for Narcos. However, the bonus rounds can become quite extended (and profitable) if more and more extra spins, multiples, and payouts are triggered.

Narcos Pay Table

You can easily access the Narcos pay table when playing the game. The highest paying symbols are the wilds, Agent Jayne Murphy, and Agent Javier Peña at a 15x multiple for five symbols. The cartel member and the blond wearing red both pay 12.5x the bet amount. The pink flamingo and the plane both pay 6x for five symbols. The card suit symbols pay either 2x or 3x for five symbols.


Narcos does not have a jackpot but rather a series of cash prizes that can pay out handsomely during the free spins. The maximum win comes to 1,506 times the bet. While this comes to nice $1,506 on a $1 bet, it comes to $602,400 at the Colombian drug lord betting top range of $400 a spin.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

The minimum bet in the Narcos pokie game is $0.20 and the maximum is $400. This range seems appropriate to us as it is consistent with the world which Narcos portrays in which some were fabulously rich and others not so much.


The software for this great pokie game was developed by NetEnt just released in May of 2019. In many ways, the slot game is targeted at fans of the Netflix series but anyone will enjoy playing this action-packed game.


This brand new slot game from NetEnt will certainly please diehard fans of the Netflix series. But, it is a well-designed experience that will be enjoyable for any fan of a good pokie game. The game does not have a huge jackpot payout but in the higher betting range could result in a couple of hundred thousand more dollars in your pocket. We recommend trying the Narcos slot game at your favourite online casino.