Queen of the Nile

Queen of the Nile – great game, exciting bonuses

The original Queen of the Nile slot game dates back to the 1990s and is still one of the more popular pokies at land-based casinos. The online and mobile version brings the same level of enjoyment to folks paying on their home PC or mobile device. One of the good changes with the online version of Queen of the Nile is that it has 25 pay lines to increase your chances of winning on each and every spin. Wager anywhere from $0.01 to $50 on any spin on this timeless classic. The ancient Egyptian theme carried through the game with Cleopatra as the wild symbol and pyramids for the scatter and bonus games feature. It even has a gamble feature to use if you want to try to double your win after any single spin.

Queen of the Nile Theme

Play Queen of the Nile and travel back in time to Egypt of the pharaohs and the legendary Cleopatra. Appropriately, the magical Cleopatra is the wild symbol in this slot game. And, the mysterious pyramids with their hidden treasure are the scatter symbols that unlock the bonus with its many treasures. Think of normal gameplay with Queen of the Nile as exploring Egypt and its many exotic offerings. Find Cleopatra and she increases your pleasure. Then, when your searching is rewarded and you find a hidden chamber within a pyramid, there are treasures beyond imagining.

Queen of the Nile Game Features

Queen of the Nile is a five-reel and three-row slot game with Egyptian-theme symbols populating the play lines. The game can be set to play just the centre row and one playline or as many as the standard twenty-five play lines. Queen of the Nile pays for three or more adjacent matching symbols starting on the first (left) reel. The payout is greater for four reels than three and for much more for five reels than four. The symbols that offer a standard payout are the nine through A. Players win more at each level with the Egyptian symbols such as the lotus flower, golden beetle, hieroglyphics, gold ring, Cleopatra and the golden mummy tomb.

Cleopatra is not only a top payout line but is also the wild symbol which matches all other symbols except for the scatter, which is the pyramid. Cleopatra double wins during normal play and triples win during bonus rounds. The bonus feature of Queen of the Nile is triggered by getting three or more pyramids on any given spin. The bonus can be played in any of the following ways.

  • 20 free games, wins multiplied by 2
  • 15 free games, wins multiplied by 3
  • 10 free games, wins multiplied by 5
  • 5 free games, wins multiplied by 10

And, when any winning spin or bonus round is over, the player always has the option to gamble in hopes of doubling their win. But, of course, if your gamble fails, you lose what you just won!

Queen of the Nile Wild Symbol

Appropriately, the wild symbol in Queen of the Nile is, in fact, the Queen of the Nile in her day, Cleopatra. Anytime that this legendary beauty appears, she will substitute for any of the other symbols, except for the pyramid scatter and a bonus symbol. When the magical Cleopatra appears on any spin, she magically increases your chances of a win.

How wild symbols function will vary from game to game. Although there are games in which the wild symbol may double any win or multiply it by a randomly generated number up to ten or twenty, that is not the case with this Egyptian-themed classic. Cleopatra doubles your wins from spin to spin and triples all wins in the bonus free spins.

However, wild symbols match the symbols for every play line on which they appear. Because Queen of the Nile has 25 play lines, it can be a match for several different symbols all at once. The three rows in the 25-line games are the starting points for 8, 8, and 9 lines respectively. When our little queen shows up on the first reel, she can substitute for different symbols on eight or nine different play lines!

Queen of the Nile Pyramid Scatter Symbol

The use of the pyramid is an appropriate scatter and bonus symbol in this classic online slot game. Get three scatters and win the bonus to unlock the pyramid’s hidden treasure. Three scatter symbols unlock the bonus round. They do pay when you get them but the real benefit is in playing the bonus round. The pyramid symbols do not need to be along a playline in this game, do not need to start at the first reel, and do not need to be adjacent to one another. This makes them true scatter symbols because they can be scattered anywhere across the five reels and three rows. You get paid for two scatter symbols but the bonuses start with three. Three, four, and five bonus symbols all result in the same bonus opportunity.

Free Spins on Queen of the Nile

Free spins on this timeless pokie game are the result of getting three or more scatter symbols and going into the bonus round. In this game, you get to choose how many free spins you will get. Twenty free spins are the most and come with a two times multiplier on each win. If you pick fifteen free spins the multiplier goes up to three times. At ten free spins, the wins are multiplied by five. And, if you want the highest multiplier at ten times, choose just five free spins.

Some players will go for the five free spins in hopes of a major, fast win. Others will be patient and play the twenty games in hopes that as more sets of three pyramids show up, they will receive multiples of those 20 free spins!

Bonus Levels

There is only one bonus level in Queen of the Nile although the bonus for free spins may be extended by getting more pyramids during the bonus spins.

Pay Table

Queen of the Nile pays a basic level for the nine through ace symbols and more as you progress up through the Egyptian symbols. You can find the paytable clicking the tab for the info screen.

Jackpot Size

Queen of the Nile does not have a jackpot as such. However, in a bonus round with a ten times multiplier and the maximum $2 per pay line bet, the wins can be very impressive.

Minimum to Maximum Wagers

You can set the number of play lines in Queen of the Nile to a few as one and as many as twenty-five. The wager per line can be as low as $0.01 and as high as $2. Thus the range of wagers runs from $0.01 to $50.

Queen of the Nile Software

Queen of the Nile was developed by Aristocrat both in the original casino pokie version and for mobile and other online play today.


Queen of the Nile is a great game. It is often referred to as a “classic” or “old-time favourite” as though we keep it around out of respect or something. The fact is that when a slot game endures over the years it is because it is a great game! Queen of the Nile has an always-interesting theme and the play follows the sense of the theme with routine wins and then the discovery of a hidden pyramid chamber and untold riches. The game is nicely designed for playing for fun at five lines and a total wager of $0.05 per spin or $50 a spin and $20 a line for high rollers. We have always liked Queen of the Nile since it was a casino pokie game in the 1990s and we like it, even more, today when we can play it on a smartphone anywhere with an internet connection.