Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer – a game that takes you into a classic romance

Playing the Secret Admirer pokie takes you back to a Victorian-era of repressed longing rewarded in the end by explosive passion. The graphics include things like antique glass spray bottles for perfume and lots and lots of roses. The theme is not as flashy as some of the newer games but it works well for Secret Admirer. This slot game goes back to 2004 when Microgaming developed it and today plays just as well on your mobile device as on your home PC.

Secret Admirer features 9 pay lines, making it affordable at $0.09 a wager to as high as $90 for each spin for high rollers. The game uses a masquerade ball mask as the wild symbol and a diamond ring for the scatter and free spins symbol. The goal is to get as many as five scatter diamond ring symbols on the screen because scatter symbols during free games multiply your wins by as much as fifty times for five symbols.

The wait for your secret admirer to give you the diamond ring is worth it when Secret Admirer pays out at fifty times your wager!

Secret Admirer Game Theme

Microgaming developed this slot game around an old romantic theme often used in old time romance novels. The woman longs for the man of her dreams but has to wait and wait. But, when he makes his intentions known (two diamond ring scatter symbols on adjacent reels on any play line) the fireworks start. The developers did a nice job with their graphics so when you are playing Secret Admirer you really are pulled into an older world of long romances in which a woman finds her love and passion at a masked ball. The payouts for you, and our imaginary heroine, are impressive and consistent with the theme of Secret Admirer.

Features of Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer is a video slot game with a bet range from $0.09 to $90 per spin. The game features scatter symbols that produce free spins when two or more occur on the same play line on adjacent reels. The bonus feature triggered by the pairing of diamond ring scatter symbols gives a player three free spins with “held reels.” If an additional scatter symbol occurs during the free spins, it is added to those already present and held. If a lucky player gets another symbol it adds a free spin and if he or she ends up with five symbols that is an additional three free spins on top of the two required to trigger the bonus round. The fantastic payout in Secret Admirer happens because the scatters multiply the payouts during the bonus round. This starts at double for two scatter symbols and goes up to fifty times the normal payout for five scatter symbols.

The wild symbol in Secret Admirer substitutes for all symbols except the scatter. It does not multiply the win nor are winnings multiplied in the bonus round except by now many scatters a player gets.

Wild Symbols

One of the great features of Secret Admirer and any pokie is the wild symbol. The wild symbol in Secret Admirer is the masquerade ball mask. It substitutes for all of the other symbols except for the scatter symbol. There you are with three of one symbol on a play line and you expect to see a small payout. But, as if by magic, the mask wild symbol lands on both the fourth and fifth reel of the same play line and you have a much larger payout. This is what you have been hoping for all along!

Just exactly how wild symbols work varies from slot game to slot game. Some will multiply the expected win, some will expand to occupy the entire reel, and some come in stacks of three so that one, two, or three will show up on the screen. In some games, the multiplier varies randomly from time to time so that on one spin it doubles your win and on another, it multiplies the win ten times.

Wild symbols work for all play lines that they are located on. For example, Secret Admirer is a game with nine play lines. The top line of the first reel is the beginning of three play lines. One goes straight across the row, one goes down diagonally and reflects back up to the top line of the last reel. And one play line goes to the top row of the second reel, diagonally down to the bottom row of the fourth reel and then ends at the bottom row of the fifth reel. A player who is fortunate enough to get a wild in this position has the potential for three wins instead of just one!

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol in Secret Admirer is a diamond ring which is symbolic of the long wait being over and a night of passion on its way. In Secret Admirer it only requires two diamond ring scatter symbols on adjacent reels on the same play line to trigger three free spins. The two scatter symbols double the payouts on the free spins. The scatter symbols stay in place or are “held” throughout the free spins. If another scatter symbol shows up it adds another free spin, is “held” like the rest and ups to payout multiple to six times normal. Add another scatter on the next spin and it adds another free spin, stays in place, and now multiples the win by twenty. One more scatter makes five, another free spin, five scatters in place, and a fifty times multiplier on wins during the free spins.

Free Spins

Free spins are what many that play the pokies live for. This is especially the case in playing Secret Admirer. That’s because the biggest wins come during the free spins due to the multiplier effect of the scatter symbols.

Some games give you an exact number of free spins when you trigger the “bonus round” and some let you add to the free spins if more scatter symbols show up during those free spins. In a game that requires three scatter symbols it often requires another set of three to retrigger and provide more free spins. But, in games like Secret Admirer, it only requires one more scatter symbol to add another free spin.

Bonus Levels

Secret Admirer does not have more bonus levels that you go to as you win. But, adding more scatter symbols has the same effect as another bonus level as it further multiples your wins.

Pay Table

The intricate mask is the higher payer in Secret Admirer at 5,000 credits for five on a pay line. The “romantic” items including a heart shape and brooch (2,500 credits), rose wreath and perfume bottle (1,000 credits), and single rose (500 credits) pay next best for five on a pay line. The lower payers for five on a line are a letter A (500 credits), K or Q (250 credits), J or 10 (150 credits), 9 (150 credits), and 7 or 8 (100 credits).

Jackpot Size

Secret Admirer does not have a jackpot. However, if you get to five scatter symbols during your free spins and get 5 masks on a play line, that pays 5,000 credits times 50 = 250,000 credits which is $2,500 on a $0.09 wager, $25,000 on a $0.90 wager, $250,000 on a $9 wager, and $2,500,000 on a $10 per line, $90 wager!

Minimum and Maximum Bets

Secret Admirer has nine pay lines but you can play seven, five, three, or one line. The minimum bet per line is $0.01 and the maximum is $10. This gives you a minimum wager of $0.01 and a maximum wager of $90.


Secret Admirer was developed and first introduced by Microgaming in 2004. It has remained popular over the years and Microgaming and made the necessary modifications to allow you to play this timeless favourite on your smartphone today.


Secret Admirer is a great a slot game today as when it was introduced fifteen years ago. It can be played on mobile devices as well as your home PC. The old-time romance theme fits how this game plays out. The game is fun as you spin the reels and collect on the various romantic item pay lines. Then it becomes great or even spectacular when you pair up two scatter symbols and add even more. We like this classic game that is as enjoyable now as when it came out in 2004.