Real Money Casino Apps for AndroidReal Money Casino app fans can rejoice, now that Google has announced they’ll start offering gambling apps from August 2017 in their Play Store. At the beginning, the Play Store will only applications coming from the UK, Republic of Ireland, and France will be accepted.

Google’s Play Store policy had previously been completely opposed to allowing any gambling apps that deal in real money in their Play Store. With this move, Google will open a whole new world for mobile casino fans by offering gambling apps on its play store

iOS users were always the ones with the most choice of real money casino apps to use on their iPhones and iPads without hassle. If Android users wanted to use real money casino apps they had to download these apps from various sources other than Play Store.

Many gambling operators are eagerly awaiting this new change which will completely revolutionise the mobile casino app market. This announcement will make it easier for Android casino apps to reach new players and facilitate real money mobile gambling for existing ones.

This could Herald a New Day for Android Casino Apps

At this point the only way in which gambling operators could distribute apps via Android was either on their own pages or on third-party sites. This sometimes presented problems for company’s who found it difficult for their products to have the same visibility as iOS apps. Apps that don’t come from well-known app platforms like Google Play and iOS don’t tend to have the same level of customer support as apps sourced from these well-known programs.

Without the product endorsement offered by traditional mobile app supply platforms, marketing real money android casino apps was always extremely expensive. Couple with the fact that apps sold in non-traditional ways don’t have the same reach, the dearth of real money casino android apps can be easily understood.

Additionally, the issue of maintaining and updating the apps as necessary is an automated process in the Play Store, maintaining the functionality of apps outside this realm is costly and time-consuming.

Changes Will Roll Out Slowly

This is a massive shift in Google policy, so expect slow progress. The first real money gambling apps, will only be accepted from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and France and there is no indication when Google will open to other markets. Google have marked these regions out as big, online casino regulated markets and its expected most other suitable markets would be online gambling regulated countries in Europe and possibly Australia and New Zealand.

Companies hoping to publish casino apps on the Play Store will need to submit them to Google for review and approval. What exactly what the compliance requirements are is uncertain as of yet but we do know the operator must have a gambling license to offer gambling services in the country they want to target.

Great news for betting and online casino sites from the UK—Android devices account for almost half of smartphones in this region. Many leading companies will rush to update or launch their existing Android apps. This is also great for Android users who found it difficult to access real money casino apps.