Report Recommends Banning ‘Losses Disguised as Wins’ Pokies Feature
Flashing lights and sounds associated with big wins
Flashing lights and sounds associated with big wins

Pokies Machine Report

Our Australian neighbours are at the heart of further casino interruption following a report that says, ‘pokies losses disguised as wins’ are fuelling casino addiction. This report was admitted by the University of Sydney gambling treatment clinic. The report was commissioned by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing and was handed to the government for review in 2015.

New South Wales district are recommending that these losses should be banned and are considered misleading to players participating in online casino gaming. The Australian government has been reviewing this report for two years.

Pokies Features

The losses disguised as wins mentioned in this report relate to the flashy lights and jubilant sounds that permeate the screen when the player wins. These are features we associate with the pokies but the player may win less than what they wagered. The report puts forward the example; if you bet $1 and are returned 25c, this is considered a win in the eyes of the machine.
“This loss is presented to players as if they have won 25c, but actually, they’ve lost 75c.”

Prohibited Features in NSW

According to the report, NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority has an inventory of features that are strictly prohibited. These prohibited features cannot make an appearance on a poker machine. Losses disguised as wins do not make an appearance on the list.

Minister for Racing Paul Toole has said he will consider the recommendations made in the report. This will be taken into consideration with a number of prohibited features on poker machines in NSW.

Land Casino Controversy

In recent times, land casino Crown has faced questions surrounding their gaming machine Dolphin Treasure. The fan favourite will be scrutinised in the eyes of the courts to determine whether or not it violates consumer law or promotes problem gaming.

Pokies machines are expected to follow strict laws implemented by the Australian/New Zealand Gaming Machine National Standard. These laws ensure that gamers are protected from any deceptive goings on.