Top 5 Casino Playing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Gambling MistakesThe iGaming world is dynamic and exciting: sometimes so much, as to cause the players to make hasty moves, or act irresponsibly with their bankroll. We have listed here the top 5 gambling mistakes, and how you can avoid them.

1.    Not Practicing a Game Before Playing with Cash

As online casinos offer the ‘free play’ function, we recommend that all players practice these games before depositing any money. Sometimes eager players deposit and enter the game, only to realize that they do not know how the game works, and they are not aware of the minimum bets, bonus functions, or the different symbols. Practicing the game in advance allows the player to get familiar with the game in a risk-free environment.

2.    Starting With Large Deposits and Wagers

A player might have read about the recent jackpot won in a specific game, and is eager to deposit a lot in order to place maximum bets until they win as well. It is still always better to start with smaller deposits, and smaller bets, to minimize the risks. If the player is still within their budget and they feel comfortable playing the game, they can slowly start increasing the stakes.

3.    Trying to Win the Lost Money Back

Let’s face it: sometimes we have a horrible luck when playing at an online casino. We might have a previous deposit still sitting in our player account, and we make another deposit on top of it, to play longer and more rounds. We might be winning at some point; our winning amount can go even to thousands of euros. Then the losing streak starts, and before we know, our player account is back to zero. Many players are tempted to deposit more and keep playing until they win all their losses back. This is not realistic at all. Most likely the player will just lose more.

It is wise to know when to stop playing. As casino, especially pokie games, are based purely on luck, losses are inevitable. However, losses can and should be minimized.

4.    Opening an Account Using Fake Details

Players are only allowed to have one account per online casino. Some people might be tempted to create multiple accounts, to improve their chances of winning. This is forbidden in the casino rules and could lead to consequences for the player. If the player wishes to withdraw their winnings, and the casino notices that the same person has indeed more than one account, it is possible that the casino will not accept the withdrawal, and the player will thus lose their winnings. He might even be banned from playing at the casino, due breaching the rules.

The same goes for players who create player accounts using fake names, inaccurate birth years and other information that is not correct. When it is time to make the first withdrawal, the casino will check the players’ identity and payment method details, in order to comply with the anti-money laundering laws and the requirements of the body that has granted the casino its licence. As the legal age of gambling at international online casinos is 18, a minor is not allowed to open an account or withdraw their winnings. The same goes for the fake name: is the player is asked to provide a proof of identity and the name of the document doesn’t match with the name on the player account, it is possible that the withdrawal request will be rejected.

5.    Using Foul Language Towards the Casino or Other Players

Online casinos are supposed to be safe and trustworthy places for everybody, and hence the casino’s list in their terms and conditions the expectation of respectful attitude from all the players. As the world of online casinos include a lot of excitement, frustration, confusion and anger and happiness, depending on how the game rounds are going, casino’s employees will witness a variety of emotions from the players.

However, an angry and frustrated player is in no circumstances allowed to start calling the customer service personnel, the dealer, or other players by names, or to use swear – or otherwise aggressive words. This can result in an immediate ban from the casino, including not being able to withdraw any winnings.

If you notice that playing online games makes you angry, it is best to take a break and do something else. When you feel calm again, you can return to play some more rounds.