Why Android Play store apps can be dangerous

The Dangers of Downloading Apps from the Android Play Store

Late in 2018, it was reported that half a million Android device users downloaded a virus from the Android Play Store. That virus was disguised as a racing game. A year before that, cybersecurity in Israel discovered another Android virus that charges your phone bill for fraudulent text messages. This virus was hidden in a staggering 50 apps. The infected apps were downloaded more than 21 million times before Google removed them.

Android users download mobile apps from Google Play and it’s home to over a million apps. While Google has done its best to keep malware off the platform, we see reports of infected apps popping up every year. It’s dangerous stuff!

But what do you do if you’re a keen casino player and want to get your favourite app for your Android device? Let’s take a look.

Google Bars Online Casino Apps

Do a quick search of the Play store’s Restricted Content page and you’ll find an entire tab dedicated to online gambling. According to Google’s policies, content or services that facilitate online gambling are barred.

Google claims that gambling adverts are accepted, only if they meet certain criteria. Yet they don’t allow gambling apps, which is frustrating when you consider that iOS’s App store has no problem with it.

Now for the good news. That was then and things have changed. You can indeed download online casino apps from the Android Play Store these days, but it comes with a whole lot of risks.

Some Apps Have Malware

Apps aren’t always safe. Some contain malware, which is a software designed to damage your mobile device, waste resources and risk your privacy. While the majority of apps are safe to download, there are those silent lurchers amongst them just waiting to steal your private information and harm your device.

So, before you download that casino app, you need to judge whether or not it is safe. Mobile phones are pricey, and they contain heaps of personal data. What’s more, even the most reputable app stores can’t guarantee an app is safe. It’s for you to learn how to mitigate the risks.

Remember to keep in mind General Tips for Spotting Dangerous Casinos

Apps that contain malware are a gateway for malicious activity. That means some apps can tap into your phone and steal your private information. Underhanded people can even take full control of your device.

Your device could even be turned into a bot. If this happens, people can use your device as part of widespread attacks. Not only can these people get their hands on your data, but they can also make your device part of their nefarious activities.

That’s why you need to be aware of app security. Just because an app is available from the Android Play Store doesn’t mean it’s automatically safe. Google regularly removes apps that they suspect contain malware, but there are those apps that slip through the cracks and onto unsuspecting user’s devices.

By learning how to identify trustworthy apps, you can protect your mobile device from malware. Below, are a few tips.

Know the Source

Naturally, the safest route is to download your casino apps from reputable markets. Today’s open mobile ecosystem is daunting, to say the least. It’s plagued by a complete lack of law and order. You can download your apps from an app store or sideload them using a direct USB connection. But even then, you’re likely to come across third-party apps. The best place to download an Android App is often directly from the casino site..

Never impulsively download an application. Take the time to get to know the source. Marketplaces always provide categories for apps, including third-party varieties. They typically offer first-party apps that are made by your phone’s vendor. Then there are those third-party apps made by someone who is not your phone manufacturer.

So, think of it like this. When you download a third-party app, you’re expanding the relationship between yourself and the phone developer by adding the maker of the app. Each time you do this, you add more fuel to the fire.

How to Tell if an App is Trustworthy

Fortunately, there are a few characteristics of a safe app and a safe marketplace, including:

  • Clearly laid out and well-developed terms of service
  • Troubleshooting FAQ
  • Strict criteria for app developers
  • Clear contact information
  • Downloading Your Casino Apps Directly

App stores give you additional layers of security. While not every app in the Android Play Store is safe, there’s less chance of running into any issues. When you download apps outside of the store, it’s called side-loading. It’s dangerous to bypass reliable app markets.

The apps you find in Google Play are mostly screened for quality, safety, legitimacy and a whole list of other factors. Those apps outside the market are a lot more likely to be infected with malware.

Read Reviews

Before you download anything, do your homework. Read reviews on the app, see what other users have to say and then make an informed decision to keep your device and your information safe.

Our top tip for being safe when downloading casino apps is to rather visit the site and register via your browser following reputable casino sources. This means that your payment info is being transferred first to someone you can trust. Then using the app to login to your account. This will help you prevent sending unwanted info to third parties.