Win Big? What You Can Do with Your Online Casino Win!

What to Do with Your Online Casino Win

online casino win

As an avid online casino player, we bet you’ve spent countless hours thinking what you would do with that big online casino win. But here’s something you might not have thought about: what would you do if you hit that big progressive jackpot or got the poker hand of your life?

Forget about that French chateau or the latest Lambo. You need a solid plan on what to do with your mega millions as soon as you hear the ching-ching of winning chimes on your PC or mobile device.

Believe it or not, plenty people win life-changing amounts and just leave it lying in their online casino account. They just use it to carry on wagering or spinning those slot reels. They plan to wager it away.

Shaking your head? So are we. So, here are a few bits of advice for when you strike it lucky.

Keep Your Online Casino Win on the Down-Low

Before you shout your winnings from the rooftops, or on social media, just don’t. Rather than spilling the beans immediately, make sure you have the money in hand. Also, remember that once you let people know about your win, they might just ask you for a favour or two. Hitting the big time at an online casino is great for paying off loans and putting away retirement money, but there are those who will think it’s great for solving their problems, too, and be knocking at the door in a hurry.

Contact the Casino

Before you cash out your life-changing millions, contact the casino’s customer support team to ensure you can withdraw your new-found wealth. It’s important to make sure you won’t be caught off guard on a technicality that you missed in the casino’s t’s and c’s.

Remember, you might have to clear a pending bonus offer or forfeit bonus money before you can make the withdrawal.

Typically, an online casino will prefer to send your winnings to your bank account instead of a web wallet. Also, not all operators will pay the entire sum in one payment. Some have conditions in place that won’t allow you to withdraw your money in one go, but rather as monthly instalments.

Talk to a Professional

Before you start splurging the cash, talk to a financial advisor. Make sure you choose someone who is not going to try and sell you every product possible, but rather someone who understands money management and who will assist you with a sustainable new lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Create a Nest Egg

If you love playing at online casinos, why not put some of your winnings aside to carry on with the fun. Just remember never to play with more than you can afford to lose. You may want to consult your financial advisor about your casino nest egg.

Start Playing to Win

Ready to start hitting the tables or spinning the reels? All you have to do is sign up to an online casino, make a deposit and start playing.