How to Win Big While Playing Online Pokies Machines

How to Win with Online Slot Machines

If you love online casino gaming, but you’re not a big fan of complicated games like baccarat and blackjack, chances are you will appreciate online pokies machines.

You don’t need a special skill set to experience the gameplay, only the desire to have fun with the chance of winning free spins, cash prizes or even that massive progressive jackpot. Of course, as avid gamers, we’re always wondering if there are any ways to trick the pokies and take home a jackpot.

online pokies machines

Well, as popular as pokies may be, it doesn’t mean you can easily win. In some cases, you can play for hours on end before you take a home something small. But, there are a few tricks to help you get the most out of your slot time.

Use the Bonus System

Once in a while, online casinos offer players no deposit bonus codes. The bonus allows you to get some features for free. It’s the perfect way to test your luck on a new game or try out another slot. Take advantage of the bonuses to boost your bankroll without wagering your own money.

Set Limits

This is an important point for players. At a glance, things are easy – luck may be on your side, or at the very least you have hours of fun playing slots. But, when you determine your loss limits, it helps you stop on time and not endure player’s remorse. After all, the more you play, the more chances to lose all your money. Avoid this and set your loss limits.

The One Play Technique

This is arguably one of the most effective strategies amongst players. This is what it involves:

  • Choose the online slot machine you want to play
  • Play until you get the highest amount
  • If you win, carry on playing
  • If you lose, stop and pick and another slot game
  • As with any casino strategy, luck is needed, too!

The Deviation Strategy

This is another popular strategy amongst casino players, but it does require some time and effort. To use it, follow these steps:

  • Pick an “equal play” game – the type of slot that receives a certain amount related to your bet
  • Calculate how many spins you’ll need before you win
  • Of course, this is by no means an exact technique, and again you may want to invite Lady Luck to the party.

Pick Small Jackpots

If your main objective is a short-term win, pick a slot with a smaller jackpot. The bigger jackpots, like progressives, are statistically harder to win.

These are just 5 very simple tips you can follow when playing your favourite online pokies machines. They might help you increase your winning streak and not be left out-of-pocket. But, pokies are a gamble for a reason, and you can never be 100% sure of a win.

Just cross your fingers, grab your lucky charm and have some fun. And remember to always play responsibly.